FAO Cplusplus

Hi hun

Do i know your from the yayw forum? Your nickname looks familiar thats all image



  • certainly am, thanks for asking image newlywed.
  • i thought so image i loved your wedding story image. Just saw you replied on the other thread D'oh!! So are you ttc now? image
  • On my second month image.

    Thanks for the compliment btw!! lovely to hear.
  • We get married 1st of may but im getting my coil removed next month ready (and so i dont get AF on the day lol) and then hoping to start ttc after that image
  • I had mine removed on the 15th November (not mirena but copper coil) and my cycle went immediately back to normal and I ovulated in the first month, which was a relief! I kinda wish I had had the forethought to have had it removed before our honeymoon, but for some reason it didn't even dawn on me until we got back!!! doh!
  • hope you have a fantastic wedding and honeymoon.
  • Thanks hun and GL ttc image
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