Does anybody here suffer with it? I am trying to control it now after having it for a few years and wondered what everybody else did?

K xx


  • i have it hun, but dont know what causes it and only get it here and there, is so awful though, alot more common than i thought xxx
  • hey CBL yeah most women have it , I get it really bad though. I am now looking into the things i eat as they can trigger it off so want to make sure I sort all that out.

    i am trying to think of things i can have for lunch during the week thats not bread but not having much luck. I do not like soups.

    k xx
  • um what about a pasta salad you could make it at night and then take it in, in the morning, i hate soup too, ive been bringing the same tin to work for 2 weeks now and taking it back home with me!!! id rather not eat anything LOL!!!

    did u c af got me 2!! still with ya xxxx
  • Ive had it really bad for quite a while, stress is a big trigger! found wholemeal pitta breads helped a bit as not very thick or doughy. Used to be almost housebound with bad tummy and car journeys are hell image just take immodium when get a bad bout and eliminating as much stress as poss helps. Bodies are funny things they can be so sensitive to all sorts of things. Good luck with it hun xxx
  • Hi K-lou,

    I have it, quite severely, although I've managed to control it, mostly, since last summer. I started a combination of things so I'm not sure exactly what does the trick and it takes a lot of dedication but it was screwing up my life so much and causing me a huge amount of pain so it was so worth it. here's what i did:

    - Came off the pill to TTC, but i think it helped!
    - I take probiotic drink (yakult) and a tablet supplement from boots first thing in the morning before I eat anything (boots prebiotic and probiotic)
    - Have a very high fibre breakfast , i.e. museli or fruit and fibre
    -Changed all carbs to wholegrain - incl wholegrain bread rather than brown.
    - Upped the fibre in all my meals and ensured I had a wholegrain carb and/or fruit and veg at every meal.
    - snack on dried fruit, nuts and seeds (this really helps me)
    - Gave up caffine
    - Reduced drinking - I don't have any more than two glasses of wine at any time now!
    -Gave up anything containing aspartamine, sorbitol or any other sweetener (this is an important one - that stuff screws up your system!)
    - only have fried, processed of chinese food very occasionally.

    I had help from a dietician and holistic therapist and they advised to try and eat food in as natural a state as possible, which sort of makes sense - so try and avoid anything too processed - like white bread, processed meat and junk food. But it'll be quite individual to you.

    I also started pilates which really helps me to relax. Lliek I said you have to be dedicated and you can break therules occasionally, but if you stick to this the majority of the time it should work.

    I also stopped taking all the medication they gave me - such as fibogel, antospasmodics, painkillers, and the diarreah tabs as they made me worse in the long run.

    I hope that helps, give me a shout if any more questions - I've been suffering with this for so long I've become a bit of an expert!!

    Rach x

  • Oh wow such great advice thank you sooo much. I will start having wholegrain bread I always for some reason though this would not help?? i have given up drink as this always caused prombles for me.

    It's drive me insane I always have pains in my belly and that sick feeling, and am always bloated thats what is pushing me up to a size 14 I would a 12 if I was not so bloated.

    Twizz - so sorry to see that AF found you love, we can go into next month together though image

    K xx
  • Hi K-lou, if the bloating in particular is bothering you the probiotics would definitely help with that.

    Rach x
  • reallyimage yes the bloating is killing me i look 5 months gone and it;s really been getting me down. I will get some of that thank you so much

    k XX
  • Hello k-lou,

    i have suffered wit ibs for approx 4 years and could not find anything that helped. i started doing a food diary but that nver helped as it was never the same thing each time and would have ended up cutting food out completely if i had done that.

    i was talking to to my waxer about it and the ttc part (as been ttc for 25 months) and she suggested reflexology. i have been having it now for a year. i have it around ov time to boost that part but with regard to my ibs i have found it realy helps. i was bad one day when i happended to have me app and as she was working on my feet i could feel the bloating go down in my tummy. since having reflex i am able to cope with it a lot better by drink water when it starts and also taking peppermint as this is upposed to help. by having reflex u would be killing tow birds with ine stone - so to speak.

    hope this helped....(sorry if i rambled a bit)
  • Oh wow I never knew that could help?? I might look into that thanks honey image

    I had heard Reflex was very good for when you are TTC so it would be good to give it ago , thank you image
    K xx
  • i have it quite bad too which annoys me as i never know what pain is what down there! xx
  • hi honey
    i too have suffered for a number of years, i couldn't find out what triggered it except from stress & excitment, but what i have found helps, same as other girls is that a high fibre diet keeps it under control.
    at first i started out having all bran for breakfast - but really struggled to get it down as its horrible but it was helping so perservered with it, after a couple of mths of no bad attacks i moved onto bran flakes - much nicer and easier to eat!
    i also use the benefibre powder at night, plus just try to change all bread, pasta rice etc to wholemeal!
    it was actually my sil that suggested it to me as shes the same!!! (shes also the one giving me reflexology)!
  • I suffer too - mine is caused by white bread, potatoes and rice!! I did an exclusion diet for a week on all the common triggers, and then tested each one by one for a whole week to find out!

    I have sultata bran for brekkie, wholegrain bread too!! I can just about manage a bit of the bad stuff now and again without it affecting me!!

    When you have it peppermint tablets and peppermint tea are wonderful!! They disperse the trapped wind to help the bloating and also relieve the pain a bit! Also a hot water bottle on the tummy helps or a warn bath for temporary relief xx

    If you are considering the peppermint capsules, check them as not sure if safe when ttc? Peppermint tea is fine though as it is caffeine free xx

    I usually look as if I am about to give birth when I have mine lol xx Hope you feel better soon xx
  • I used to take the peppermint capsules, Colpermin. But they have arachus oil (peanut oil) in, so are not recommended when ttc. xx
  • girls thank you so much it;s so great to come on here and get such great advise. I will start drinking peppermint tea as I actually really like thatimage Thank you all sooo much now at least I can try some of these things out and see what works best for me image

    Thank you

    k xx
  • Mithical - I took colpermin originally but now I use holland and barrett own brand - that has peppermint oil only - nothing else!
  • Hi K-Lou
    I have suffered for 10 years now, after being on medication for quite some time I eventually collapsed at worl with pain. The doctor idnt know what to do so I went to our local herbalist, we happen to have a really good one, they ran tests and found it to be a large build up of Candida. I was advised of what I shoudl and shouldnt eat (sugar being the worst thing) and given some tablets to take, this was three years ago and I have never looked back, I also lost a stone in the first month and then more after.
    I dont need to follow the diet all the time, I just monitor it, and if I need to take the tablet again I go get some.
    Just google Candida and have a read of the symptoms and what it is, it is basically what the doctors call IBS.
    I have sent loads of people to the place I go and all have been helped. I have all the info written down if anyone should be interested. I dont particularly have a thing for herbalists but in this case they were bang on with the problem.
  • ooh - k-lou - it could be candida as that causes thrush too!! Ring any bells? lol xx
  • I'm pretty settled at the moment immense, but if it flares up I'll look at that thanks. xx
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