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CD35 - any advice appreciated!

Hi i'm new to this forum so apologies for any mistakes.

I came off the pill (microgynon) at the end of December, had withdrawel bleed then had af at the end of January on cd25. I am now on cd35 of my 2nd cycle since coming off the pill if i have calculated it right which i think i have.

I usually get quite bad shooting AF pains on 2-3 days leading up to AF but this time just had slight pain (actually wouldn't even call them pains, they don't hurt, wierd sensation) for about a week but no AF. I have done 2 superdrug tests, one this morning and BFN. has anyone else experienced short then long cycles when coming off the pill? or would anyone recommend any other pg tests that are better? (sorry for not knowing all lingo yet, am trying to pick it up).

I have not had any other AF symptons which i normally have when on the pill or in the 2 months since coming off and sorry for tmi but had quite a lot of CM in the past 2 weeks and only sore nipples not the whole breast. Just wondered if anyone had similar or is going through similar cycle?

trying not to get hopes up as AF is one week overdue and no BFP yet so probably just means i'm having a longer cycle.

sprinkling baby dust to everyone!

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  • Hi, welcome to the forum. I'm quite new myself and just picking up all the lingo.

    It sounds good for a BFP! Keep trying with the tests. I have to say though that coming off the pill really can mess with af! I came off in August and have had cycles ranging from 21 days through to 38. It's a real pain. I've been reassured by lots of lovely ladies that it is quite normal for it to take up to a year for af to settle down again.

    Good luck - hope you get your BFP, sorry I can't be more helpful!

  • Hi lilmaggie,

    thanks for your reply, any response is helpful to me!

    I agree it really messes the cycle up, i don't really know my normal cycle yet as it is probably still sorting itself out so it's hard to judge. I'll test again in a couple of days if no show of AF still, maybe a diff brand of HPT this time.

    Thanks again and good luck to you too for a BFP xx
  • I think it's completely normal - I had a 41 day cycle the first month and it's CD38 and I've only just got a positive OPK so my 2nd cycle will be somewhere in the region of 50ish days. x
  • thank you! i'll keep an eye on it. it can get expensive buying HPT's all the time so if i'm just having long cycles i'll just hold out more. Would have thought if i was pg i would have got a BFP when AF is over a week late but i'll test once more then just wait a while!
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