Question re temp drop

Just wondered if when you get sudden drop of temperature does it mean AF is on the way that very day, or within next few days.

I haven't been temping whole cycle but have done most most mornings since I ovd and this morning I've had a huge drop which I guess would suggest af is round the corner.

Only thing it seems bit early as I my luteal phase has been around 14 days and I am on around 9dpo CD25 I still have few more days to go. Really expecting af around 4th August.

So for thoese who regulary temp, can you please enlighten me ;\)

I do have all the af symptoms though so would not be surprised if she does show, but just thought it was bit early, but then again I had some quite short cycles in the past!

Thanks in advance


  • Its usually a sign that shes on her way either today or the next day or so x sorry hun xx
  • Jay is correct, although without temping properly it's hard to say as my temp dropped but did not drop below cover line as I was pg! So I guess you will have to see. good luck.x
  • I have been temping and it means she is on her way depending how much it dropped by.
  • Thank you ladies, I agree and think you are right, think af is round the corner, just surprised it was earlier then I expected, but I guess if it means that it shows in day or two it will be near enough..
    My temp has dropped from 36.2 yesterday morning to 35.2 this morning..
    I think that is a huge drop so now I'll be on a knicker watch, just matter of time image
  • Could be implantaion dip too! 9dpo is early for a temp drop for the reason that af is coming. Like I said without doing temps before ov it's hard to tell really. Take a look at my March chart on FF, note cd11 when it drops right down even though I'm pg:

    Good luck I hope it's implantation!
  • Thanks for that baby on board, that is interesting.
    I guess if I was charting properly I'd have a better idea. I would be delighted of course if that is an implatation dip rather then af, but somehow I do think af is round the corner. I am so bloated and emotional, usual.
    Thank you again
  • hi naturelle, it depends also on how much its dropped. If its above coverline and its just one temp drop it might not mean anything. You will be in a better position to see over next few days. I have had drops before at 9 dpo, then up again. Usually day before and day of AF it goes right down below cover line. Once you chart for a few months you will see what is normal for you xx
  • It could be an implantation dip but its hard to say, how much did you drop by? I hope its implantation and not af for you! If your luteal phase is normally 14 days it does sound a bit early for af. Fingers crossed! x
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