non pregnancy related. bank problem

hi ladies i have lil problem dont know what to do i get paid weekly from work and had wages in today but when i got payslip it said wage was less then what i had in bank it was 50quid extra in bank now i dont know where its come from i rang bank to see and they said there no errors etc but guy on phone was very vague so if this is bank error what will happen will just try take the 50quid or will they notify me first i dont know what to do. and iv so many errors made this week.


  • don't spend it till your sure, if your work has over paid you they can ask for it back or take it out of next weeks wage. it happened to me a few times when we got a new wages person. thought they were being nice to me. no such luck
  • lol yeah thats true thanks hun. bit worried its bank error.
  • I wouldn't spend it until you can find out exactly where it has come from. Can you get a balance slip from a cashpoint? That should tell you what has happened - if not, go into the bank on Monday and find out!
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