dunno wots wrong with me lol...

hi girls....

Well last few days ive got in from school run with kids and have fell asleep on the sofa!!! its so unlike me! i never nap and normally up till 11-12 o'clock at night lo,had pains like i was gonna come on 2day but they gone nowl and im weeing like there is no 2moro, like 2day i had a wee drove 2 my m8s 10mins away and by the time i got there i had 2 wee again and didnt think i was ever gonna stop!!! lol

im only CD20 and 6DPO so thinking its all on my head and ill get AF on 5th lol but i got something just niggling at me thinkin....maybe i am lol maybe ill be lucky lol

oh well we will see i suppose lol

anyone else like this??

xx holly xximage


  • oh i forgot also....lots of white CM 2??? lol

    xx holly xx
  • Sounds good hun!

    I'm symptom spotting like mad, but i know my AF type cramps aren't in my head because sometimes they're quite sharp when i'm not even thinking about it!

    I have a fairly clear CM and quite soft poo (sorry thats wayyyyy tmi but it's a symptom :lolimage

    I do feel like i'm more tired but i'm not counting that because i'm moving house this weekend and i'm working like a horse so that could easily be explained!

    However, thinking about it, last night i had to wake up twice for water as i was parched!

    All of these things happened last time so fingers crossed! Argh i hope it's a BFP!!!!!!!

    Oh yeah...I'm 9dpo, cd 23, but i'm not testing at all if i can help it. Don't wanna build my hopes up for it to all end in MC again so fingers crossed af doesn't turn up!

    Good luck hun!
  • Hi, I have been sat here thinking pretty much the same as you!! I am going to the toilet a lot and urine has a strong smell to it (like fmu! sorry tmi) and by (.)(.) seems to have grown in the last week and a very tender, last week I was having cramps like AF was coming but then I would have been two weeks early, and have been feeling very tired too, although I haven't fell a sleep on sofa yet :lol:
    I will be due on 2nd june, its month 3 of ttc since I mc in march, it would be amazing if I did get my BFP but like you trying not to read too much into it!!!
    only a few days between us too!
  • wel fingers crossed we all get BFP ill be testing the morn of AF due as im meant 2 be out drinkin at the nigh-time lol

    GD LUCK GIRLS!!!!!! xx
  • Hey me too i really want to test but af is'nt due till sunday but its driving me mad i keep getting all these symptoms but then again im not sure if its all just in my head and wishful thinking ! good luck !
    luv clare
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