think i'm out already :(

hi girls. im cd23 today, and based on a 28 day cycle im probably 10 dpo. since i came off the pill the majority of months I have been 28 days, however last month I was 25 days. Today I am having AF type pains and feel really emotional. think the witch is on her way early image x


  • thanks for your reply. I seem to have lost all PMA, id rather she was early than late tho. we only bd up to cd 12 this month because we were both then on nights image fingers crossed we all get our BFP soon x
  • Oh Hun fingers crossed for you! Xxx
  • thanks. just seen your BFP on another thread, congrats! u must be over the moon. fingers crossed next month is my month! hoping if it is AF that she turns up soon feel dead emotional, af type pains and headache image
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