Hi, Im a newbie

Hi all,

I just wanted to say hi and hope I can join in with all the chat!!!

This is my first month of TTC. Came off my depo injection 28th Nov 08, had my first AF August 09, and my cycle is now gone back to normal - thank goodness.
We are already proud parents to a 4 yr old son, but we are so excited to become parents again to a new lickle baby. I have been desperate to have another baby.

Im on CD 10, have a 30 day cycle, have been experience period-type cramps and a definite change in CM. Does this sound like OV symptoms to you?? x


  • Welcome and good luck to you.

    Definately does sound like ov to me : )


  • Hi Mrslolly 84, welcome to BE!
    It sounds like OV to me as I've been experiencing aimilar symptoms to you. Have you been using OPKs too? xGood Luck to youx
  • welcome hun, look forward to chatting..xxx

    sounds like ov is on its way.xxx
  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your replies. I have been trying out ov sticks for the last two days (just some cheap brand off the internet), but they keep coming back negative...im going to get the clearblue ov sticks tomorrow - dont want to really invest in the clearblue fertility monitor just yet!

    I thought I was ov but hoped i just wasnt imaging things.

    I hope to chat with you all real soon x :\)
  • Hi MrsLolly,

    Welcome to BE, good luck with TTC x
  • Thanks BroodyBeth !! xx
  • Hi hun, welcome to wonderful world of BE
  • Thanks - its lovely in the forum, everyone is very friendly.

    Is anyone at the same stage as me of their cycle??....when is everyone testing for pregnancy? I dont think I will be doing a hpt until 10th Dec xx


  • I don't know what happened to my post - strange!

    Im on CD10 - is anyone else at the same point of their cycle as me?
    When are you ladies testing for pregnancy? I wont be testing til 10th Dec xx


  • Hi MrsLolly...don't want to sound like a stalker or anything :lol: but are you from the you&yourwedding site? xx
  • Hey Huni.....yes it is me....I thought it was you from another thread!!

    Haha. I saw on someone else's thread on YAYW that they had come on B.E. and guess what this has so much more info on TTC than there..shame as I do love YAYW but hey ho.

    How you feeling now? x
  • Mrs Molly I am CD11 so only a day in front image I've added to the august pips thread to test about the 9th but that may all change depending when my CBFM shows me that peak sign :lol: Good luck x

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  • hehe, I thought that was you image I'm fine now, cramps have eased now, really not trusting them ov tests anymore though! x
  • Ahh thats great broodybeth - someone around the same time as me - great. Have you been ttc long? x
  • Hi Huni - Im def getting the clearblue ov sticks tomorrow. im still getting ov pains atm but my ov sticks still say negative - dont know how sensitive they are, but i would rely more on clearblue being a well known brand rather than some cheap nonsense of the internet. - ive learnt my lesson on that one! xx
  • We've been TTC since July 08 but the first 12months or so we just went with it. Then tried OPK's but decided to invest in a CBFM this month and am full of PMA image I'm going to rely on you to keep me on the straight and narrow during the 2ww now as you shouldn't be crazy yet and have too much of a POAS addiction :lol: x
  • LOL BB, Im obviously at a very optimistic stage!!! - Its all very exciting. Even though I am a mum, my little boy wasn't a planned pregnancy, but now that Im ready to be pregnant again, its not happening lol!!!! But it is still very very early days!! - I will def be around to keep you sane!!! lol xx
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