Im coming off the pill this month, newbie needs advice!

Hello ladies. This feels very strange, as we have decided (after getting married last month) that we are going to start ttc. I recognise some of the names on this site from YAYW, which makes this easier!
I never realised just how scary the ttc stage could be, and dont even get me started on all the abbreviations! Im a staff nurse and I realise now how confusing it must be for all out patients when we talk about their Hb, TWOC, CVVH etc! Anyway, I digress. I have started taking folic acid, and am trying to watch what I eat, because im overweight.
We are going to start by just relaxing, and not focusing too much on ovulation, temperatures etc, however, will now be looking out for the EWM!
Just wanted to say hello and see if any of you have any reassuring words of advice or support for a nervous newbie?
Thanks for reading, love Topbird xx


  • Hi Topbird, I'm past the ttc stage but wanted to pass on a little bit of advice i got from my gp, she said that BDing twice a week should be enough when ttc as too much can wear out the sperm and too less can make it lazy!
    Hope this helps, and i am glad to notice your taking your folic acid too, i have a post on here for anyone ttc on the importance of it. Good luck for the future.x
  • I can't find the thread on abbreviations, whats BDing again?
    Topbird xx
  • Bedroom dancing hun!
  • *hangs head in shame*
    Of course it is!
    Thank you!! Topbird x
  • hi. we are comming off the pill next month to ttc our second. we are also going to be taking it easy and try to relax and enjoy. im the same with the abbreviations having to check what things mean when im reading a thread but im sure we will get the hang of it. good luck in ttc.xx
  • Hi and welcome

    Its always nice to have a newbie although i hope you wont be on here too long. Everyone on here is great. Congratulations on your wedding and hopefully you'll get your BFP (big fat positve) soon.

    jen xx
  • Hi,
    I'm in the same position as you. We got married 28th March and decided to ttc straight away.
    We are taking a relaxed approach to it and just seeing what happens for the time being.
    Good luck xx
  • hi. just found the abbreviations post. bumped it to the top. im finding it hard getting to know them all.xx
  • Hiya hun. Im a nurse and can totally relate to what your saying about these abbreviations! its confusing remembering what ttc, bpf, oh and that means lol. Luckily everyone on here is fantastic and very helpful. Me and my oh are just starting out too, cant wait for our own little family! Its reassuring to know theres so many ppl on here in the same position as i am! Lets keep informed and good luck with the Bd lol

  • Hi hun and welcome to the site, you'll soon get the hang of the abbreiviations. Good luck ttc. Lots of bding and relax is the medicine needed. Sx
  • Hi I'm a nurse too! Don't really have any advice that hasn't already been given but wanted to say hi and welcome. Hope you are not on here too long!xxx
  • hi
    just wanted to wish you good luck with ttc!
    its a lovely bunch on here who are always ready with advice and smpathy when i've needed a moan!!!
  • Hi Topbird! I recognise your name from YAYW! Welcome to the site! God...i'm a nurse too! There's loads of us lurking in here! Lets hope we'll all be on maternity leave together, that'll please the NHS! LOL! Good luck and sending you lots of babydust...hope you get your BFP really quickly xxxxx
  • Hello Topbird. I have just come off the pill too but we are not really trying this month as we are going away on saturday. Having said that my boyfriends libido seems to have multiplied now that he knows the consequences, and despite promising we were going to use the withdrawl method it's been spectacularly unsuccessful so far (Sorry tmi).
    Best of luck ttc!
  • Thanks for all the lovely replies, it all seems a bit scary when you see the words 'im ttc' written down!
    Have got AF at the moment, but after that, its all go!
    Am delighted to see so many nurses on here too!! Thank goodness the NHS is supportive with Mat leave!
    Topbird xx
  • Hi topbird and welcome to the site. love the animation!! Hope you aren't with us too long (obviously meant in a nice way!!!)
  • Welcome!! Re abbreviations - the other day I saw someone had put a whole list in the chatroom rules forum if that helps?
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