Implantation bleed?


Im currently 11/12DPO and ive had some slight cramping. I went to the toilet whilst at work and I had a small amount of blood in my knickers. There was nothing on the toilet paper when i wiped, just slippery, watery CM.
Going on through the shift had a few cramps, I went to the toilet about 3 hrs later and there wasnt anymore blood.
I got home and went toilet again. Ever since the bleed ive had constant urges for the loo all the time. No more blood 3rd time round. Even checked my CP whilst on the loo and I never had anymore blood, just watery CM.

Anyone got any ideas? Im due my AF on tuesday.



  • Oh it does sound good hun. I would do a test over the weekend if I was you. But then I have no self-contol.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • Yeah im planning on testing this weekend. Im due on tuesday as i said above, but im working a late shift and id rather hubby was with me when i test as all my symptoms make it seem possible and we are both off this weekend.

  • CM is a really good sign too, I had lots before I got my BFP. I didn't have an implantation bleed though so can't really comment on that x
  • Hi Mrs PP,
    Can I just throw in a bit of caution.....similar happened to me last month, and combined with cramps and sore boobs I was CONVINCED i was pg, only for AF t o turn up about a week later. I was so convinced I was trying to tell me doctor it wasn't really AF.
    I was very upset as I had felt so sure, so I really really really hope its good news for you, but please do not put too much pressure on yourself that it is as I wouldn't want anyone to be as upset as I was last month.
    Hope you don't mind me saying so, and fingers and toes crossed for that BFP! x
  • Well ive had no more blood but today ive had pinky and brown discharge with still quite abit of CM mixed in. The CM is clear and slippery.

    I really hope its a implantation bleed. image

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