How long did it take.....

For ladies that came off the pill how long did it take for your cycles to get back to any kind of normality / pattern?

It has only been four months for me but in that time I've had a 28 day cycle, a 24 day cycle, an 11 day cycle (?) and now I have just started to spot on day 23 yesterday only for nothing further today?????

Also AF has been 2, 3 and 4 days and not what I would call full AF at all. Any ideas welcome! I understand some people get back to normal straight away and for others it can take much longer than this but I just really can't wait to get started properly and whilst it is all over the place like this I can't time anything and feel that using OPK's would be a waste as a while ago I got loads of EWCM followed two days later by a 3 day AF. Why is this so difficult :\?

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  • Hiya!
    I came off the pill (yasmin) at the end of feb, I had a withdrawel bleed and then AF turned up last monday and finished yesterday. I only had 24 hrs of full AF and the rest (before & after) was some brown/red and sat I had nothing at all!
    I also go with the theory that we forget what a 'normal' AF is like.
    Hope everything settles down for you real soon - until then enjoy the fun of bd'ing more. xxx
  • It took 3 months for my cycles to get back to "normal" and the only reason i knew they had got back to normal was because the very painful AFs had returned (bad cramping and feeling sick).
    Are yours like they were before you were on the pill? I was on microgynon x
  • I came off the pill after 5 years and my cycles got back to "normal" straight away. But me and my husband have been trying for a few months and nothing has happened yet...
  • I came off the pill after a very long time and like Ladygoogoo, my cycles went back to normal straightaway which was a relief.

  • Hiya,

    I came off the pill (microgynon) in August had a withdrawl bleed straight away and then my AF's settled down to 26-27 days. However the last 2months they have been 22 and 24 days so unsure whether it is just a blip in my cycles or if they haven't settled down yet. We have been trying for 7 months but no such luck yet.

  • hiya, i came off pill (microgynon) end of jan, had one 28 day cycle (the first one) then since then have been having 12 day cycles since then image havent OV'd in that time. altho. i think i may of OV'd yesterday as i had my first lot of EWCM since coming off my pill. so im hoping that means AF and cycles are going back to normal? so im thinking/hoping mine is 3 months too? xxxxx
  • Hi, I came off microgynon just before christmas, had a couple of months of pretty erratic AFs but the last two have both been 31 days, so thinking that's probably settled into my cycle now. Can't remember what my 'normal' cycle is though prior to being on the pill
  • G/C really image
    i came off mini pill in aug08 and didnt have a AF till jan09 then cycle went nuts for about a year... my cycles shorten'd aver time and got reg by the end of 09...
    After 20months ttc i got BFP and my cycles were 25days image

    Best of luck gems 5+5 image
  • awww good luck gems +pudding xxxxxxxxx
  • I came off Microgynon in December and had the WB straight after, then got my first proper AF Jan 15th, and I've been bang on 28 days since then, apart from one which was 27.
    I think I've been pretty lucky for them to return to normal so fast, but saying that, I'd forgotten how heavy and painful they were before the pill.

    I think there are lot of ladies on here frustrated with things not getting back to normal straight away, but I hope you get sorted soon. x
  • I came off the pill in jan this year, had normal withdrawal bleed and got my first proper af today! im so happy, it has been a very emotional three months, just glad she has finally arrived was starting to worry. i was on microgynon for just under 6 years. x
  • Hi I came off microgynon at start of jan, I'm STILL waiting for AF (I think about CD87 now). Feel crap about it image
  • Thanks all for your replies! I'm glad i'm not the only one but so sorry that any of us have to deal with this x x hopefully we are all well on our way to regular cycles and more important our BPFs! And well done to the ladies who are back to good cycles already. Babydust to all x x x
  • I came off the implant in early Feb and so far have been fortunate enough to have two regular cycles at 29 and 28 days. I feel very lucky that things are apparently straight back to normal,(although not as lucky as if it had been a BFP of course) but still worry about things suddenly going haywire. xx
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