Frustrated - AF MIA and BFN!

Hello ladies..

Have come to rant because I think I might explode if I don't! CD30 today (cycles are nomrally 28-30 days long), plenty of BD'ing, EWCM etc... tested earlyish and BFN, then as of Thursday (CD27) had really sore cramps and tender boobs so decided I was officially out of the pic - even wore my 'period pants' just in case! Anyway... four days later, still having cramps and absolutely no sign of AF, just a lot of CM. I tested again this afternoon with an ebay cheapie and still BFN. Hmph. I guess not unusual that AF might be a little side tracked but it is really odd for me to have such prolonged cramps. I ususally cramp the day it starts, even just an hour or two before. What on earth is going on in there? The wait for AF is very frustrating..where is she hiding? :\?


  • Oh what a shame - the whole thing really is very frustrating isn't it? Fingers crossed if it's not going to be a bfp then she turns up really soon so you can get onto the next month asap! Good luck x
  • Aww hun, i feel the same, im not due my period til tomorrow, tue, wed ISH!! lol, but ive had the cramps for about a week and thot it was coming, even to the point that everytime i went to the loo, i expected to see blood!! lol

    Fingers crossed for us both xx
  • Oh thats rubbish. My af is now 6 days late, i've been having cramps for about 2 weeks, but getting BFN's on First Response & Superdug. I'm failry confidant these are right and af is going to show up any time. I've even gone as far as putting a pad on most days i was that sure she was coming!
    I'm guessing becase she's taking so long to get
    here its going to be a killer too.
    Hope you get a bfp, and if not, af turns up soon. Fingers Crossed & babydust.
  • Thank you ladies for the support... this waiting game is awful isn't it?! The longer AF takes the more confused I get and the more annoyed that it is likely to muck up my cycle next month...
  • hey mrsEH,
    im in the same kinda position as u.... cd31 no af but have had cramping for the last week or so on and off!! I also keep getting bfns on superdrug tests and cheapies!
    wish i could just know one way or the other!
  • Hi Ladies I'm exactly the same Today is cd35 and nothing I've had cramps for ages now and was convinced two weeks ago that AF was going to come early as I had brown cm (sotty tmi!) but nothing keep getting cramps but to no avail, I tested on saturday with SD and BFN!! It is so frustrating I just wnat af to come as the pain is like annoying toothache and I know it wont stop until af turns up!! It's crazy coz im going to the toilet and being disapointed that she's still not here when really all I want is a BFP!!!xxx
  • im 11 days late now and getting bit worried that i might have an underlying problem. Was 10 days late last month xx
  • Any news from anyone? x
  • Hey hun, ive had AF mia too and was sure i was out, got BFN on SD and FR tests last was on CD41, then today i tested cd46 just to get the test out of the house and got a bfp!! So dont worry, hopefully you'll get a late bfp too! fingers crossed xx
  • Ooooh huge congratulations Shopaholic-Lea - here's to a H&H 9 months. How very exciting and positive! I am trying not to get my hopes up, because being a long cycle it is making for a real roller coaster of an emotional month! Did you have any unusual side effects? x
  • not really MrsEH, yesterday and today ive had pain (sorry tmi) like i need the toilet, but ive been!! Its a bit too high i feel for period like pains. So im hoping its nothing and will go away! xx
  • Congratulations Shopaholic-Lea - it really does happen for some people on the first month! H+H 8/9 months.

    Still nothing from me, but because temp dropped this morning i'm expecting her either today or tomorrow.

    Fingers crossed for everyone and babydust.
  • Congrats Lea - I'm on CD37 and got BFN yesterday on ebay cheapie - anyway going to hold off until the weekend and buy some sd one's if the witch hasn't turned up by then - it's so annoying but at leat this thread has had one BFP!!!

    Babydust to all!!!xxxx
  • MrsAd are your cycles normally that long? Mine are normally 30 at the longest, 21 at the shortest and generally 28 - I'm now on CD33 and BFN. I'm really not sure what to do..
  • To be honest I dont really know - I was on the pill up until the end of March, I fell pg in the 1st month but then mc'd at 6+3 and I'm now waiting for my 1st af - as it was a natural mc the doctor told me my cycles should go back to "normal" straight away! Before the pill I remember they were always about 30days.

    The BFN's are so annoying!!xxxx
  • still no af for me!! 14 days late tomorrow. Getting annoying now x
  • Sorry s.s, I am only 5/6 days late and already I feel your pain! Are you going to carry on Bding anyway? Just in case you've just skipped or are having an uberly long cycle? I can't help but wonder if the stress of waiting is making it worse and that it is one big vicious cycle..
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