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Evening ladies


  • Hello, im ok back from rugby club and had my meal for one & tub of ice cream! I feel a right greedy bitch but hadnt eaten all day and was starvin marvin!

    How are you?

  • am doing ok.. excited that i might have figured out that i have OV'd (first time trying to work it out) and we BD'd at the right time... celebrating with a glass of wine.. how are you? Have you had a good day?
  • Christine thats good hun! Good luck!!
    2bmart i've just had curry and pancakes and feel sick now!lol!

    Im fed up to be honest as out of the last 25 days I have only had 5 days where I have'nt had spotting or bleeding.. I wonder if its beacause I had a chemical pregnancy (well im sure thats what it was!)
    Im going to the drs next week to see what she says. I feel like im never going to get pregnant.

    Sorry i'll stop winging now! Im waiting for Ant and Dec to come on! lol!

  • Hi ladies,just got back from tea at my mums-roast pork and loads of veges-lovely. Just shown G that women drivers clip-she did laugh but kept asking why they were doing what they were doing!
    Still expecting af tomorrow as brown cm now but its not coming out yet and my boobs have just about stopped hurting and my temp dropped this am, though its still just above the cover line.
    Thinking about having a good tidy after G's gone to bed so cleaning doesn't take so long tomorrow so I can get some gardening done too but didn't really get back to sleep after I woke at 4.15 so very tempted to have an ultra early night.
    Whoops sorry, gone on a bit!
    Hows everyone else?
  • evening hun,thats mjust be real pants for you with the spotting,you wont ven no where you stand with af etc,your well aloud to moan with that x x

    ive just put lennon to bed,we took the side off his cot bed last night so hes sleeping in a big boys bed,dont reaally well,woke up his usual few times in the night but never got out,this morning there were wee feet on the laminate at 6.50,so he came in with us,never goes back to sleep mind you,tends to poke daddy in the eye or up the nose lol,my wee soldier is growing up image lol
  • LOL bless him. He looks so cute in your avatar!

    I seem to have had 2 af's in 3 weeks!

  • dont let that fool you lol

    2 af's in 3 weeks,very strange,has it been enough to use anything,coz there is nothing worse than loads of spotting i think
  • I did'nt use anything for the spotting, did'nt need to but am properly bleeding now........maybe its because i've been moaning about long body has decided to be hilarious.......
  • i swear she just knows eh,knows when your going on holiday,wanting a god night out trying for a baby,is that why we call her a she????? i always wondered that coz really im not she why a woman would put that on another lol

    i have loads of crap questions like that lol

    ive taken to telling her to F**k off lol im fed up being mrs nice girl lol
  • Telling her to F off has'nt worked. Im gonna get a voodoo doll and call it af I think!
  • i seen them in a book shop yesterday the thought had crossed my mind lol
    its not working for me either,im just gonna ignore her knocking i think
  • hi everyone, im in on own for few days OH gone to Ireland tonight til tuedays.
    just got DD to bed and chilling out with glass of wine.
    will enjoy having the remote control to myself for one night, will be bored by tommorrow and want him back home then to.
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