im so mean....

need ur help ladies!!! my OH has just asked me if i want to go round to see our mates 2nite, she is 17 weeks preggers and knows we r trying, so dont wana go but OH will think im such a bad person!!! how long can i avoid it for. they say they want us 2 go round 2 show us the scan pictures i just cant bare it. god im such a nasty person!!
sorry 4 the moaning!!! xxx


  • Aw hun I know how your feeling, but you should try and go, once you have been it will be easier to go again image xxx
  • It'll be easier at 17 weeks with only the first scan pictures to see than after 20 weeks with 2 lots of scan pics unless you brave it this time and go. I know its hard (friend of mine is pregnant and due in a couple of weeks) but you just have to suck it up and do it. If they know you are TTC they may be less in your face about it, especially if they tried for quite a while.

    And means when you have your BFP you can get them round for scan pics and make her feel broody again! image
  • they all ready got scan piks, they had an extra scan at 16 weeks for one reason and another they no there having a boy too, i no i need 2 do it, wish i cud get pissed and go round wud b fine then, cant even do tht tho as im 6DPO!!!! o dear, lol
  • Please dont hate me for saying this, but it does seem slightly insensitive to invite you round to show you scan pictures when she knows you are ttc.

    She should hsve just ask you round as friends for a drink and chat type thing. Then popped the scan pics into the conversation. 7

    As shes only 17weeks, shes probably not showing loads. I personally would say its better to go now so you've seen them, rather than wait until she is 20 something weeks when her bump has grown loads.
    When you see her obviously compliment her and the bump etc and chat about it. Then get your oh to swiftly move on to another conversation!

    All the best, image
  • thanx for the advice, duno what i wud do without the support of the ppl in here, go mad i suppose!!
  • How long have you been ttc? If it's not long she may just see you as someone to get excited with thinking you will be pg soon too, if it's been a little while and she knows that then that's maybe different you poor thing hope it goes okay x x

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  • if it were my friend i would go,shes obviousy excited about having a baby.yes maybe doesnt realise that your upset with ttc etc BUT shes a friend isnt she

    ive been ttc not far off 2 years and have loads of friends who are and have had babies loads of ladies from here also and yes i may feel down but at the end of the day there friends and i am happy for them x
  • I agree with Grudie, weve been ttc for coming up to 17 months & have had 4 mc. It is hard seeing other women pg but if you have been trying for a long time she'll understand that it may be hard for you. I visited a friend yesterday who was pg she had her baby today & im over the moon for her as well as Grudie also have alot of friends on here who have gone through the ttc journey with & im still here & they've had or are having there babies but im over the moon for them & they are all fantastic cause they know the struggles we have had. If she's a good friend she'll understand & be excited about an up & coming BFP announcement for you.

    Not saying your a horrible person for not wanting to go cause we all have our moments, but it may not be as bad as you think.

    Good Luck noticed your 6DPO xxx
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