Low to peak on CBFM? UPDATED! I GOT MY PEAK!!!

Evening all,

Renewed faith today after a stern talking to myself...

Normally I have OV'd by cd21 on past 6 cycles, am on mth 7 now and ist mth CBFM... on day 20 today and still getting low's....despite ewcm, temp not yet risen though, however thought I'd have had a high by now!?

Do u ever get low to peak?


U can go from low to Peak... I got my peak today!!! WOOHOOO!!!!!

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  • Hey BabyDancer,

    I too am a CBFM user. I'm on my fourth cycle with it and I have never experienced a low to peak. Having said that I have heard a couple of other ladies say that this has happened to them.

    Is it your first month using it? xx
  • I have one of these too - the 1st month i didn't even get any movement on it all despite all the ewcm and other signs to match OV.

    the nxt month i think i'd already lost faith after my 1st experience so didn't bother turning it on every day - but this month i am using it religiously.

    only on CD 12 of an average 42 day cycle so no chance of ov yet but will be powering up the cbfm every day.

    hopefully we'll both get the results we want this month.

    good luck


    PS - it's nice to know it's not just me

  • Its my first month using my CBFM and I got highs from CD11 till CD15 then peak on CD16 and 17 which is what I am on today.

    I have seen other people have had no peaks at all on the first month so I'm sure its nothing to worry about.

  • phew - i hope so

  • Yup first month using it so keeping fingers crossed that its the magic tool to bring on that second line...

    I was a bit naughty though and started it late... its reading cd13 on the monitor but today is cd 20 for me.

    good luck girls! x
  • Good idea to trick your monitor! I know a few girls on here do that.

    If it's your first cycle I wouldn't worry too much at all, it's quite normal to only get lows, or lows and highs on your first month while the machine starts to learn about you. During my first cycle I only got lows and a couple of highs.

    Lots of luck xx
  • So pleased for you. That first peak is so exciting! xx
  • Great news!

    Don't worry about 'tricking it' with your cycle days,,,, i always did that to mine by about 5 days.


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  • Yey thanks girls!

    I am sooo pleased! We've been BDing for the past week anyway just because... well its fun!

    But now I've got my little egg symbol I'll be on a mission tonight and tomorrow morning!

    I'll be testing right by Xmas! eeek xxx

  • yay - good stuff.

    i hope it happens for me too this cycle

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