have your cycles changed after...

having a d and c?? im not sure if it has anything to do with it but since mc in march (and d and c operation) i have only had one 28 day cycle, the rest have been 33, and 24 days, i dont know whats going on,is this normal??

i used to be like a clock every 28 days and now im going crazy.....oh please let this next month be THE MONTH! im def going to try my best at least i know ive tried my hardest!! af hasnt visited properly but shes def here, when i wiped i had a bit of blood and got a really big headache so i know shes here! (sorry tmi) good luck everyone else trying! dont know wether to get a new ticker or not as not sure what lengh my cycles are anymore!



  • hi amanda, didn't want to read and run.
    i'm probably tempting fate here but mine are bit more "normal" than before d&c although i've only had one since D&C. first AF came exactly 28 days after d&c, then this cycle i ov'd on CD14/15 so it should be a 28 day cycle again. before d&c they were anywhere between 24 and 34 days.

    so i guess mine have changed so far (for the better) but there is always time for my body to screw up!

    good luck hun, lots of pma and babydust to you xxx

    ps sorry to hear she has turned up
  • Heya hun, i was 28 days b4 my mc in dec then they went to 34 days....just had my 1st af since my last mc and that was 38 days...eeeccckk! xxxxxxxx
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