Could I be pregnant??

Hello my lovely ladies

Oh My God!! Seriously shocked..

Hubby and I have been TTC since Jan and a month ago I had an early MC.

Anyway bought some ovulation strips and have been getting positive tests since last Wednesday.

I took another ovulation test last night, which was positive as before. I was gonna try pregnancy testing during Easter weekend (which would be about 2 weeks after ovulation), but decided what the hell and took a pregnancy test just to see what the score is.

I was shocked to see two lines, which I presume is positive, however the line is quite faint, so tested again 3 times, all positive with faint lines, (top base line dark, bottom pale).

Does this mean it is a postive, or early on so hormones not kicked in properly, its my first time, so not sure where to go from here..

My stomach nearly fell out my mouth when i got the result, and I went through to tell hubby we could be pregnant, we both cried very emotional and happy times.. I'm beeming but not sure what to do now.

Can you get an accurate result from a blood test or clear blue?? Might book an appointment at the docs. I didn't sleep a wink last night, feel a bit scared, but so over the moon, but don't want to get hopes up in case its not a real positive.. Any advice would be extremely helpful. XXX


  • sounds promising! test again in a couple of days!
    which brand did you use? superdrug and first response early result are the most sensitive, clear blue not as sensitive to low hcg levels
    try testing with a sd or fr xxx
  • hi clayrebear - have you tested again today? i was wondering this too, as i've had positive OV tests since last thursday - but know i cant be preg, as i have been charting temps and they have only just gone up (as if i've ov'd)
    fingers crossed it is good news for you! x
  • oh, and can i ask if you were 'due to ov'? what CD did you do ov testing on? x
  • OH MY GOD!!!!!

    Big Fat Positive from Clear blue last night and said 2-3 weeks, so am off to doctors this week to get referred. I am so excited but can hardly believe it!!!

    LivvyS, I was not charting temp, I took the ov tests as I have not come on yet, so no idea where cycle was.. I reccon the bleed I thought was a MC might have been a perid, tested day after and nothing, but if i'm 2-3 weeks, then that would make sense as I started trying 14 days after the bleed..

    I am so happy!!!!! Hoorah. !! XXX
  • hi clayrebear - just commented over on yayw but thought i'd echo my congratulations here - i'm soo happy for you hun x
  • wowzer clayrebear! thats great news! you must be so chuffed!
    did you have any symptoms? i am testing this evening (going to hold wee in and not drink for a few hours, to concentrate it as much as poss!) fingers crossed image) xx
  • congrats hun here to a H&H 9 months

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