please help with something :)

Hi girls,

I am currently TTC after losing our baby on the 30th May.

I am not using ovulation tests but monitor my CM as i know it so well, I had on the 16th June clear and stretchy mucus, then on the 17th and 18th I had really runny watery mucus and then on the sat 19th I had clear and stretchy egg white like mucus.
we BD a lot that week and previous. When in this 4 days did I actually ovulate?? its so confusing..




  • Hi hun

    They say you ov when you get the ewcm so when did you notice you had that??

    Sorry to hear about your m/c good luck for this month

  • Sorry to hear about your miscarriage image
    I don't think anyone could tell you for sure as everyone is different. I get EWCM 3/4 days before I get a positive ovulation test and usually ovulate the day afterwards.
    Good luck for this month, they do say you can be more fertile after a mc x
  • i had the EWCM on the 16th and then noticed it again on the 20th.. so it was 2 days apart.

    thats why im so confused as I dont know what day I actually ovulated.

    does the clear and stretchy mucus appear before the egg is released?

  • Hi hun

    After ov your cm goes back to a thicker, drier consistency and during ov it is watery, clear and stretchy.

    Do you still have it now??

    I would say count 1dpo from 21st June to be on the safe side, are you wanting to work out when to test??

  • Hi sparkling Diamond, yeah Im trying to figure out when enough HCG might be present to test. my CM has been drier since the 23rd, I noticed it in my pants (sorry TMI)..
    im going to take your advice and count from 21st as im sure I ovulated on the Saturday or sunday.. we BD on the 11th,12th & 13th, 15th,17th.18th 20th and 22nd so hoping we have caught something image LOL.. think i have all the possible dates covered.

    fingers crossed. I have been getting dizziness, am very tired, sore back and twinges in my lower abdomen.

  • Hi hopingtotryagain,
    I think I am in a similar situation to you. I am pretty sure I ovulated last weekend too, not had many symptoms until yesterday when I felt wierd pains a bit like mild AF pains. Woken up with a sore lower back but not sure how it is supposed to feel?!

    I am so sorry to hear about your miscarriage, can't imagine how awful it must feel xxx
  • thanks baby_vivvy.. i hope no one has to go through a miscarriage, there are no words to decribe it. its ruined the spontaneouty of trying to conceive as im always scared my AF will arrive, if it does its supposed to be heavy, clotty and sore image

    anyways sorry digressing.. image

    the back pain I have been having is roughly from middle of back down into my lower back like a warm burning pain.. could just be a coincedence but its strange as my back pain is normally only on shoulders.
    my legs have been sore too from the hips downwards. its all very strange. im worried it could just be my mind playing games with me LOL..

    I just want to find out im pregnant so much.. guess I will have to prepare for it maybe not happening.

    good luck and loads of baby dust for you and everyone

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