Help what should i do??


I'm new to this and have no one to ask for advice.

We have been trying for 7 months and i was due on last sunday nothing came did a test and it was negative but still no period was ill on the monday and have felt rubbish ever since but still no signs of a period so re done a test and still negative!!!!

What should i do????

Really want it to be a false negative but am going crazy not knowing one way or another!!!

Keep telling hubby i am not pregnant but he is convinced otherwise but doesnt know about the re-test dont want to burst his bubble.

Any advise would be really appreciated


  • do i go to the doctors or wait it out??
  • Hey hun

    How long have your cycles been? xxxxx
  • the last 3 months have been 31 days so quite long and regular now its been 39 days!!
  • Ooooo hun I am not sure then it could just be your body still trying to regulate itself....maybe see if the doctor has any advice although I was reading the other day about specific herbs that can help with irregular cycles, I will see if I can find it again. Although I am hoping that you just have a shy lickle bean and you will get your BFP soon xxxxx
  • Hi,

    Do you know what day you ovulated? you can normally expect af to come aprox 14 days after this so if your nomal cycles are 31 days then you should ov around day 17?

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