Hi all - I'm now approx. 5 days late. I just don't feel "right" but is it too early to do a test? And if I do a test, should I do it first thing in the morning? Cheers xXx ;\)


  • Hiya, Im in my first month of ttc however impression i get from the other ladies is that you could poss test and get a BFP, alot of people recommend first response for an early test - good luck xxxx
  • Are you saying your AF is 5 days late??
    I would test if you've not yet done so!!! image

    Fingers crossed its your BFP

    x x x
  • Well - I had to do a test because it was driving me nuts and I got a BFN! My period was due on 11th and still nothing and I feel really lethargic and "out of sorts". It's a totally weird sensation! I just don't feel right at all.

    I've done a bit of snooping on the net and apparently it's not uncommon for a pregnancy to go undetected in the very early stages! If there's still no period in about a week then I'll just test again and see what happens! Thanks for your response ladies. Jx:roll:\?
  • We'll keep our fingers crossed for you getting a BFP! x
  • Lots of babydust!! xxx
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