Dying Your Hair While Pregnant....?

Hi everyone,

Just your thoughts on whether it is ok to dye your hair while pregnant?

I couldn't imagine not dying my hair!!! Eeeeek!

Thank you :\) xXx


  • Im sure its fine- may be avoid during the early months??
    Some one will know the answer.... lol
  • I'm not an expert but I remember Holly Willoughby having a bit of root showing when she was pregnant as they couldn't let the dye touch the scalp.
    Have you tried googling it? x
  • I dyed my hair while pg, and had an MC, but I had already started spotting blood before the hair dye, so I don't think the 2 were connected at all. tho reading that website don't think I'll dye it in first trimester next time
  • A word of warning- I died my hair as usual whilst pregnant and instead of my lovely highlights I ended up with a range of orange and yellow stripes! image
    Apparently your hair can react different....just wish I'd known before I'd had it done! lol :lol:

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  • LOL at MrsFozz, I'm imagining you as Tony the Tiger from the frosties adverts!! Grrrrrrreat! x
  • I know my friend dyed her hair a numerous amount of times throughout her pregnancy.... and has had no side effects from it, and she is 40+1 now and awaiting the imminent arrival!

    Im not sure if the type of dye makes a difference??

  • I had foil highlights at 5 weeks- the girl colouring my hair was actually 5 months pregnant (spooky) and she said as long as it doesnt touch the scalp should not be a problem at all x
  • agreed Gems! i had some foils done last time and ended up with a MC - no idea if the 2 are linked but definitely not going to next time! hence i'm being careful with my colouring now so when i do get a BFP again i don't have to worry too much!!! x
  • There is absolutely no problem with having foils done! The dye doesn't touch the scalp so it's okay. Didn't do my wee boy any harm anyway...
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Nice to hear your thoughts. I shall read that google link, thanks MrsRobertson. I am sorry to hear you had mcs, Rocky-Kiz and gemgems13 image X
  • Hey ladies. I'm a hairdresser and as far as I'm aware with 15 years experience is that it's ok to do highlights. They recommend not doing tints cos the dye touches the scalp. Never found any problems with colour during pregnancy ith ant clients but I dare say there are a few cases known x
  • Not sure if this is just the manufacturers covering their own backs. Like I said not found any cases that suggets otherwise. x
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