TMI has left the building!

Hi All,

Was starting to feel really hopeful about this month as have managed to work out the signs to know when I am ovulating, and seem to be fairly consistantly ovulation on CD19 of each month. However, got a lot of ov pain on sun (CD15) and think we now have missed it for this month!!

TMI: We did BD fri and sat, but OH was working such long hours on sun, mon and tues that I think we've completely missed it! Roll on Month 5!

Sorry girls, realised there is no question or real purpose to my ramblings, just needed a rant...!

Clare x


  • You just rant away, thats what we are here for. x
  • Oh my!!! Just realised I put TMI left the building!!! I sooo meant PMA!!!

    It's been a long week so far!!! hee hee

  • try not to worry you still have a good chance, you never know the little swimmers from fri and sat could have been still in there waiting for your egg!! x
  • You never know what is going to happen good luck image

    Mrs Takers did you use to be on you and your wedding??

    K xx
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