New on here and advice needed!

Hi Everyone!!

This is my first post on here and wanted to say hello to everyone!!

I got married on the 26th june so this is my second month of TTC but dont think we did it at the right time when I was last ovulating so I'm thinking of this month as my first proper month trying.

I've started using ovulation sticks this month and by all the ovulation counters Ive been using I wasnt supposed to be ovulating till thurs 5th aug so you can imagine my suprise when I got a smiley face today and whole week earlier than expected!!
Jumped on husband when he got in but I feel sad that we've missed the last few days before ovulation as I didnt expect it to happen this early. Can people ovulate twice in one month? Is it worth me continuing to do ovulation tests for the next week or so?

Thanx for reading!


  • hey hun
    once you have got your +ve then you stop testing for this month.
    i got my +ve on sunday, we had sex sunday, monday & wednesday.
    as long as you have sex within 12-36 hours of +ve you should have it covered!
    good luck!
  • hello and welcome

    congrats on your wedding too!

    it is very rare to OV twice in a cycle, its probably not worth doing more although if it will reasure you you can, i think a lot of women think they ovulate 14 days before thier period (i know a lot of people that think its fact and when i was trying told me thats all i needed to do, i didnt have the heart to tell them it was twaddle) it may be that you are having a shorter cycle or have a slightly longer luteal phase (time from ov to period)

    also as your new it will be worth popping onto chatroom rules forum for the abbreviations list as theres a lot of lingo on here that can be hard to disipher :lol:

    good luck
  • just get bonking! image hehehe! im new too image i think ovulation is usually between 10-20 days after the first day of aunt flo.. i did my first ovulation stick today and was a bit mind boggled by it all really!!
  • Thanx everyone for your speedy responces. At least if I'm not sucessful this month then I'll be more aware of my cycle next month! It's all so confusing!! Good luck to all you ladies as well!
  • Welcome to the madhouse!!!

    Mrs waggy is correct, your smiley face indicates your LH surge which means you'll ov within 12-36 hrs of your LH surg,e now your surge could have started yesterday as if you didn't test yesterday you wouldn't know but if you bd tonight and tomorrow you should have it covered pretty well. Good luck.x
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