TTC Help!

Hi Ladies,

I am new to this and just wanted some advice. My husband and I are ttc at the moment. I was on the pill for ten years, the latest being Yasmin for the last 3 years. I came off the pill in mid Dec and had a three day bleed. We started ttc straight away and i now havent had a bleed (af is one week late). Before I was on the pill I was as regular as clockwork on a 28 day cycle. I have had very sore boobs for the last week or so, feeling veeeeery tired, urinating more frequently and have had a pain in the lower left, and occassionally right abdomen. it is not the same as period cramps! I have also been very eotional lately. I have done 3 preg tests and they have all been negative. Could I be pregnant or am I just readjusting??? Help!

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