Hi everyone,

I am feeling pretty great today, OV'ing this week so fingers crossed! Its only my first month trying but i'm trying to stay positive, even if its not my month, i'm not gona allow it to ruin my christmas and new year.

Lets all have a brilliant christmas!! and hopefully we will have some BFP's soon for everyone. Even though im still feeling sick and aching all over, bad head and all, keep thinking, positive mental attitude.

Who's with me??

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  • Me!!! I am so with you on this mate! I'm noteven thinking about it though, just going with the flow!
  • I feel more poitive then I have ever done this month..dont know why maybe the SMEP. Can only wait and see ...good luckx
  • im following smep too so giving me something to focus on and my 2ww will be right through xmas and new year so im sure it will fly past. actually feeling really good this month, good luck girls hope we all get our bfp.xxx
  • am totally with you on that one.
    AF got me last night but am not going to let it spoil the festive season for me.

    hope everybody has a great xmas time.
  • Good Luck Ladys
    I have been feeling optimistic for next month :lol: image

    Hpe you all get your BFP's very soon


    Month 16 TTC #2

    Gems xx
  • Me too image my husband started his chemo this week and if I managed to get pg before it would be so wonderful and would give him something to be happy about but even if not he is getting better and Im just happy for that
  • well ladies im glad to see you all have the same attititude as myself lol. my 2ww is over the xmas and new year also, testing due around the 6th jan. so im gona enjoy having a good drink over christmas as it may be my last chance for a while, lol fingers crossed.
    Keep positive ladies!! if anyone starts to feel down just send me a message, i have a way of cheering people up, its in my nature.

    come on you BFP's!!!!! lol

  • Bless you hun, I'm with you all the way!!! xxx
  • Lots of PMA girls - that's the way!!! Hope you all get BFPs this Christmas - particularly Looby as something positive for hubby to focus on while he gets himself better xxx
  • Me too! Feel really happy and content. This is our first month trying again after the mmc in Sept - even if we aren't lucky this time round, just the fact that we are trying again has put a spring in my step.

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