BD question

We are just ttc again following a mc in Nov. I just wondered how much time you should lie still after BD ideally? I'm really worried about the little swimmers all falling out if i get up too quickly but I always really need to wee after BD! Sorry if tmi!


  • Hi hun, sorry to hear of your loss.

    There's no real need to lie with your legs up etc, most of us do just as they say it MIGHT help. I only ever manage 5 mins at the most before I get bored!!
    As for it all falling out, don't worry, that's "excess" fluid etc, alot of swimmers will already have been "deposited" at your cervix by the time you get up...I'm trying to be technical but hope you get what I mean :lol: xx
  • it doesnt really make a difference, but i still do it for peace of mind
    id say 5/10 mins? xx

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  • Oh great, that's really put my mind at rest. Thanks for your help girls.
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