Feeling Bit Down

Feeling a bit down today, don't know why, must be hormones I guess....:\?
As some of you may have read, am due on next Wed, thought it was Tues, but should be Wed, 23rd. Have had some symptoms, ie sore boobs etc, but that really has been about it. I just get the feeling that it's not going to happen again this month, sounds like we have been trying forever, but its only the fourth month, statistics are quite low I believe, especially in the first 6 months. I'm 35 too..... sorry to blurt on, anyone else feeling the same?? Zx


  • Hi ZLS23, im 3.5 years into ttc, and i have felt nothing but crap for the majority of it. I get down alot, but you just have to get on with things. It is so hard to be positive i know, and i tend to tell myself it will never happen to numb the pain. A least you have all the lovely ladies here to come chat to.

    Take care sweetie, your not alone in this.

  • Hi ZL ... not sure about the other ladies on here but i thought when I started trying I would be PG straight away so it can be hard when it does not happen. I am 35 too been trying for 2 yrs and I think you get used to it ..

    Remember it takes on average 8 months and that is proper trying so lots od BD for you ! thats if you dont get yor BFP this month
  • thanks for replies guys. Well, as I'm due on Wed, I thought I would test this morning with Clear Blue, as up to 4 days, but it was negative image Do you think it could have been too early? Anyone got positive results testing 4 days before? It was a pack of 2, so if I don't come on Wed, I have another test to try. BIt disappointed as have been having a few "symptoms". Zx
  • Hi ZLS23 what DPO were you when you tested, apparently anything up to 19DPO you can get a BFP.

    Try not to be too disappointed it aint over till the witch arrives xx
  • hey zl- I'm with you too- glad to hear of some other ladies in their 30's i'm 34 almost 35 and really didn't think it would take this long to get our bfp- we are on month 15- been to doc and had all the tests done and hubby too- and we are "normal" ha- and we still can't get a BFP? it is very frustrating month after month- I am not an avid POAS'er so i just wait for AF to arrive and unfortunately- she has come every month- right on time- i'm due on the 29th- so hoping she stays far far away- would love to have a bfp for the new year- good luck to you and the other girls- we will get our bfp!!!!
  • Hi Guys, Sparkling Diamond - I am 10 or 11 days DPO, period due Wed 23rd, if it doesn't arrive, fingers crossed, will test Thur morning. Hi Ally24, nice to hear from you, good news you are "normal" as you say, just try and get plenty of practice in, lol. We have decided to give ourselves a year before perhaps visiting the doc, its only been 4 montha and the first month of that was my 1st period off the pill, so guess its still pretty early. I do have symptoms tho, especially sore boobs/nipples, slightly veiny and bobbly round nipples. No frequent weeing yet or implantation bleeding, which I keep reading about! Keep in touch, would be nice Zx
  • ZLS23 sorry to hear your feeling down.

    I'm on my 7th month ttc and it is exceptionally hard some months. I'm very much a factual person and 1+1= 2... we've been Bd'ing at the right time and both in good health etc, and yet still waiting for that elusive BFP. So frustrating as all the statistics and odds, point towards us having it by now!

    I'm expecting AF today or tomorrow after my temps dipped today at 11dpo, which is normal for me... I hope that Wednesday is lucky for you


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