My actions and Symptoms that led to my BFP

For those who are interested!

We bd from CD13 till CD20 EVERY DAY - at least twice a day but often 3/4 times (this was as we were both on holiday and happened to have our first night ever away from our nearly 2 year old so we got a bit carried away :lol: ) When I got preg with our lo we bd once a day everyday from CD12 till 19 so I knew I ov sometime around then but have never used ov predictors things or anything but we have been lucky and caught first time both times

emotional - both teary and raging anger!
LOADS of CM from about 5 days before period due
not achy boobs but sort of heavy feeling

HTH someone out there and good luck to you all image

BABY DUST **********************************************************************


  • Thanks MaxiMum, it's great to hear the things that have worked for people! I've been bding every other day as I thought that was the way to go, but I might up it significantly after reading your post!!! Congrats again on your BFP and hope you have a H&H 9 months : ) .x.
  • Thanks Maximum - no wonder you've caught first time with all the BD-ing!! You lucky thing.
  • bumping for ccbmommny!
  • I checked your other topics for your tips (I'm not stalking you honest)!!

    So basically lots of sex then!! OH & I have a slight problem with that as he works away Mon-Fri so we only have 3 nights to bd. We managed it the 1st time like that though but after 14 looooonnnggg months!!

    Oh well our time will come (soon?)
  • ohhhhhh yeah forgot that you only had the weekends you'lll juts have to go for it like mad then :lol:

    Fingers crossed it happens for you ASAP!!! image
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