Should I test again.....?

Hi Guys

I posted last Friday as I was about to test on the Sat. My last AF was 27 October and I still havent come on. I tested last Sat morning with a First Response. It was negative - however I am not sure the container I peed in was completley clean (had had lemon in!) and the line was really thin on the test.

Should I test again this wknd? Or do you think that the First Response was right?


  • Hi hun,

    I would definetly test again with either a FR or a Superdug. I don't know how you haven't since last weekend!

    Good luck

  • test again!! hurry up I wana know!!!! :Lol:

    only joking hun, I would def test again, good luck and let us know how it goes! xx
  • I would test again too hun. Good luck xx
  • Ooooh OK then! I think Ill wait till Fri morning though as my last cycle was 37 days and this is 37 days today so if no sign by Friday Ill do it then!
  • Well I woke up at 1am this morning thinking it was 7am so I tested and again negative?! But still a very small thin line!

    Then I had an email from My Monthly Cycles informing me my period is due on Saturday! LMFAO! How Ironic!

    Does anyone else get peed off they waste money on tests when they are neg?!
  • Oh I do!!!! I am trying to be patient and hold out. There is a FR test in my bathroom calling my name, but AF isn't due until next Thursday!!!!! dying to use it but know there's no point - probably not preggars anyway!!! xx
  • It is SOOOO hard to wait isnt it?!

    Keep positive and let us know how you get on! x
  • Good luck keeping my fingers crossed for you x x
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