Need a bit of advice please? UPDATE

Hi all,

I posted before a few days ago but I just wanted a bit of advice from you lovely people if possible?

I stopped taking the pill 9 days ago. I expected to have a bleed but nothing came. I went to the doctors to ask advice on anything I had to do whilst TTC. He said cerazette gets out of your system in 5-6 days and you should definately bleed in this time.

To cut a long story short, I havent bled yet at all, not even a spot, and I have had other 'pregnancy symptoms' such as cramps, increased urination (like twice the amount I used to go! TMI lol) and I have got a metaliccy taste in my mouth all the time at the moment. However, I did a test on sunday as I was advised to and it came back negative.

Just wondering what everyone else would do lol. Going quietly out of my mind lol.


UPDATE - my AF has just come - Sperm meets egg plan here we come! :\):lol:

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