Af found me

Af has found me a day early.

I cant stand this anymore. I think im going to have to leave this site and just give up.



  • I'm so sorry to hear that. I can only imagine how hard it is for you, take time out if you need to. It's easy to get obsessive about something so important.
    I hope you get your bfp really soon.
  • I think its time I admitted defeat hun. Trying for nearly 3 yrs and nothing.
    lets hope she doesnt find you hun. Fingers crossed xxx
  • Babymonkey, Im so sorry the evil one found you. :cry:

    Maybe a bit of a break from here will do you some good as things can sometimes get a bit intense. Dont give up hope tho, 3yrs is a long time to wait, but never say never.

    Take care hun, and we are all here for you. xxx

  • Really sorry BabyMonkey. I will be taking a break from here if I don't get BFP this month cos I'm sure it adds to the stress. It's great to have all the support but sometimes you just need a while to yourself.

    Don't give up honey. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  • Hi BabyMonkey,
    Sorry to hear the the witch has found you, don't give up hun, you have come so far, you deserve to get a BFP and I am sure you will when the time is right. Pamper yourself ang get your O/H to buy you sweets and chocolate to cheer you Theres always next month. xxx
  • So sorry hun. Don't give up though. I know people who have taken years to conceive but it does happen eventually. xx
  • Sorry she's found you hun. I hope you don't give up but i can understand after 3 years of trying it's taken a lot out of you. Be strong.x
  • Thanks girls but I really have had enough now. Surely there is a problem somewhere but no one is prepared to investigate. Got a doctors appointment on monday to really air a few of my opinions.
    I have got a period from hell today. I can barely move and I feel so sick. I just wish I knew what was going on.
    OH said earlier that as soon as I finish this af we are BD'ing every day right up until the next af. If that doesnt work, then we really do give up.
  • Good luck on Monday Babymonkey. Really sorry to hear AF got you. x
  • So sorry to hear you so down babymonkey. I so hope that you are able to get some help from the doctor on monday. Good luck honey.xx
  • don't give up babymonkey. Get to the doctors on mon and don't leave until you get some help. We'll organise a sit in for you if we have to!
  • Hi babymonkey, she found me too.

    Don't give up if you really want a child. You should definitely air your views on Monday. Demand if you have to, for something to be done. Whether it be blood tests, scans, lap and dye...!! xx
  • Sweetheart please do not give up. I can't say I know how you feel as I don;t i have not been trying for as long as you but it will happen image

    You have to make sure you r doctors listen, they can normally start looking into stuff after a year ?

    K xx
  • Well we will see what happens monday.
    Thanks for picking me up again lol
  • You are going to be a wonderful don't you give up ok!!!!

    You deserve this!

    K xxx
  • Sorry to hear that babymonkey, take care xx
  • oh hun i'm so sorry. please don't give up. we're all here for you. big hugs and lots of pma xxx
  • TTC is turning me into a right jealous cow. I cringe when people say they are pregnant. Its getting to the stage where im even finding it hard to pretend im happy for them. Sounds sooooo bad, but thats how it is.
    Talk about green eyed monster
  • Its only natural to be jealous about someone else's pregnancy when you are ttc yourself, so don't think you're the only one who feels that way at all. I really hope you get some answers from the doc next week, and if not then sounds like your oh has got the right idea, you'd better get your energy levels up, looks like you'll be in for a busy month!

    Caroline xxx
  • Bought a ruck of bananas. They are supposed to be good for energy lol
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