Has anyone here had chlamydia and conceived?

I joined this site a few weeks ago full of excitement about the fact that I had come off the pill and was officially ttc. Then I bought some ovulation sticks from Boots and they had a 3 for 2 offer and something in my head made me buy a chlamydia test as the 'free' item. Anyway long story short, it came back positive and my husband went to his GP and also tested positive (to top it off this happened two days before our honeymoon!!).

I'm really worried because it is likely that I have had this infection for a long time (like 8 years) without knowing it and know that the longer you have it the more likely you are to become infertile as a result. I want checked for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) but the GP says I should wait until I have been ttc for a year. I'm also worried about ectopic pregnancy if I do ttc. As a result we haven't had sex since we tested which is nearly a month now, despite taking all the antibiotics.

I really need to hear some positive stories about people who have conceived despite having chlamydia for a long time, or having PID. Everything I read on the net is so negative and I'm getting quite distressed by it all :cry:


  • Hi ladies,
    I think I can help! I had it all through my first pregnancy without knowing, it was only after my daughter was born and I kept bleeding for months that I was sent for a test and it came back positive. I have no idea how long I had it before I conceived but I fell pregnant within a month and our daughter is absolutely fine!
    Hope this helps,
    If you have any more q's about it just ask!

  • P.S, I am now 8 weeks pregnant again and it only took 2 months this time, so I don't think it did any damage! But I did make sure I had an s.t.i test before we ttc this time and it was negative.xxx
  • Hi there.. im happy to share my story with you.. its long though.
    Well about 10 years ago I was in a relationship with someone, who then cheated on me a few times.. I didnt think much about my health for a while, till I had few other troubles with my monthlys, so had some tests done.. to my horror I had clamidia, and must have had it for ages. Was gutted and angry of course.
    Anyway, due to my monthly problems, I ended up having a laparoscopy..(minor op thru belly button) to see what was causing my monthly problems, but they told me while they did that they would check my fallopian tubes while they were on. They put dye in them to see if they were blocked.. which is what causes conceiving problems.
    Anyway, to my horror 1 was totally blocked, and the other was partially blocked.. and my other original problem was a retroverted uterus..(uterus tilting wrong way).
    So they did another operation to fix this problem, and also tried their best to repair my tubes.
    They told me it wouldnt be 100% fixed, but time would tell. I was advised that I would have dificulty in getting pregnant, and that I might even have to IVF. I was gutted.. but kept telling myself not to worry till I wanted to try..(I was 22 at the time)
    Anyway... to cut a long story short a bit, That relationship ended, obviously lol.. and in 2002 I met my now husband.
    I was on the pill, and we had been together about 4 months when my period was late... it was always on time by the minute!! I put it down to the fact that I was doing weightwatchers, and lost weight. After a few more days I did a test and I was in total shock to see a positive result.. it was faint but was there!!!!!!!!!
    I then went on to have a healthy little girl who is now 4 and half.. I also have a 2 and half year old boy and im pg 24 weeks with number 3!!!!!
    In my eyes my daughter was a miracle and was meant to be... Considering I was told I had a low chance of conceiving naturally, then I fell without trying and i was on the pill, just proves.... the doctors must have done a grand job.. and hubby must have super sperm count too lol.
    So there you go hun.. my long story, sorry to bore you, but its a wonderful success story to share with people like you.
    keep your chin up.. make sure you get a re-test after the antibiotics, and I would get your local docs to check every 6 months that you are still clear, as they say its very easy to get it again if you have had it once, especially if it has been for a long time.
    Hope all this helps hun
    take care
    caz xxx
  • BabyC2B - I'm sorry to hear you're in the same position as me, although it helps to know that there are others out there - I hope everything works out for you.

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories Faith and Caz. These are the first good news stories I've heard and they make me feel like the situation isn't completely hopeless - I suppose when you want something so badly you automatically fear the worst. The thing is I didn't realise how much I wanted a child until all this happened.

    I just need to get back in the mood for making babies now - I go back to the doctor on Monday to be retested so hopefully my mind will be put at ease. I know it sounds a bit melodramatic but I kind of feel unclean, if you know what I mean!!

    I wish you both well with your pregnancies.

    Thanks again

  • Glad to hear you are both feeling a bit more positive now, it is really worrying.
    I also have a backwards tilting womb and that didn't make any difference either!
    Good luck both of youxxx
  • It's really nice to hear your positive stories ladies, I caught chlamydia too about 3 years ago and had it for about 8 months, now that I'm ttc with my new partner it is always at the back of my mind that it may have caused some damage, it also made me feel dirty and ashamed even though it wasn't my fault, I already have a beautiful 6 year old daughter so I know I'm very lucky, but desperately want another baby. We've only been ttc for 2 months so far and I am 36 so my age is against me anyway! but at least I know it is possible hearing your wonderful stories - hope everything goes really well with your pregnancies and thank you xx
  • those who have been trying to conceive, did you guys went on to having a baby? I am in the same situation, as I also had chlamydia 10 years ago and now that I am trying to concieive I am convinced that chlamydia made me infertile. i am worried sick day after day. 

  • hi. im a mum of two gorgeous kiddies, im 26 and have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 3 years. weve been ttc for almost two years as my two children arent my husbands. we want to complete our little family circle by adding one or two more little additions as my husband doesn't have children of his own. I was checked almost 3 years ago and was diagnosed with chylamidia and was told that I may not be able to have any more children as it can damage the tubes. Its my worst fear and I felt terrible as I had no idea I had it and I was at that stage just two weeks into my relationship with my now husband. I felt awful and to be told that I may not be able to concieve again breaks my heart as I want to have kids with my hubby. Ive had regular smear tests that have come back normal, i had blood tests done to check my fsh levels etc and they were all normal. would love some advice.

  • Hi I have been ttc with my husband for about a year now . And haven't been succeas ful so I went to the gyn . And found out I have Chylamidia and have had it for over a year . I have took talk the anotbiotics but am not convinced  that its completely gone. Do you think I will be able to conceive once I am cleared of chylamidia completely . Or since haves it for over a year I am now infertile???HELP

  • I have just been diagnosed with Chlamydia. I must have had it for best part of 6/7 years (last tested neg in 2007, doctors have records of swabs in 2008 but not for chlamydia?!! in between test I met my husband so I thought we were clear). Any way neither of us has been uhnfaithful so I most likely caught it 2008. I just wanted to reassure people that sometimes the cervix is really good at it's job. I didn't have eny symptoms of PID and I got pregnant first month of TTC in Dec 2010 and had a healthy little boy despite having chlamydia. After having my little boy I was vunerable to the chlamydia developing into PID and have had symptoms since March 2012... finally diagnosed March 2014!!!!!! Waiting to find out what damage has been done now. Always get tested during pregnancy!

  • Hey I just have a quick question, I'm only 16 and 3 days ago I was diagnosed with chlamydia I was with a guy for a year and we broke up and he had another partner. We have been back together for 9 months. He has been my only sexual partner so I'm guessing I got it from him 9 months ago ? 3 days ago I took a single dose of tablets from my doctor but I'm afraid ill never be able to have children ?
  • I have had it in the past and think I had it for years also. While I had it I fell pregnant and gave birth to my gorgeous son. After treatment with the single dose of tablet I later had my daughter. I hope all u ladies get the news u want image

  • Hi,

    I have been ttc with my husband for 11 months now, I'm just a bit worried I may be infertile? About 2 year ago I found out I had chlamydia only by doing a free test because my monthly's had been acting up for a while and I was in a relationship and he had obviously cheated on me but I had been with him for 3 year so I have no idea how long I had the STI for before I found out about it. Anyways I am all clean now and are now married to my husband and I just want to know what advice people can offer for my situation? I have never ever been pregnant before and are now worried that I actually cant get pregnant.

    I'm thinking about going to the doctors but wanted to know if it sounds like it's worth going? or whether I'm just being impatient, I know these kind of things do normally take some time.

    Please help, any advice!!

    Thank you

  •  U have had what Chlamydia 

  • Hi there I've come across this site more then once looking for all good stories! I see some but the bad ones just stick to me sadly. I'm looking for support or any info out there that can ease my mind on this  chlamydia thing. And I'll ask the same thing that everyone here has asked, has anyone gotten pregnant after having chlamydia with your husband or BF you had gotten it from? and has your husdand/BF had any problems getting you pregant after getting it treated with you? I haven't slept in months because it's been bother me. please ease any of my worries out there because this feels like dooms day for me! Thank you 

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  • Hi ya! I had it without knowing. Only after seeing a specialist did I find out. I suspect I had it possibly whilst being pregnant but if not I caught it from the baby's Father afterwards. I had a course of antibiotics to treat it and after meeting someone new a few years down the line is have since had 2 gorgeous girls with absolutely no problems conceiving ( pretty quickly if honest).

    I hope this helps xxx

  • Hi just replying back thanks for the messages. And yeah from what the doctor said as long as it didn't cause anything I should be ok! Well I fell pregant and I'm 14 weeks pregant! So if anyone who has had it or does have it but has no symptoms just get it cleared up and hopfully everything is fine like I was and wont have any issues conceiving. Although I wasn't really trying when it happened! Just stay positive and please do not go searching this stuff online it will tell you the worse of the worse and believe me it scared me. So listen to you Doctor not online can't always believe what you read online. And good luck to you all :) 

  • I had it when I was 17 and went on to have my oldest child when I was 18. He was a healthy little boy :) I don't no how long id had it I'm now 27 and expecting my 4th xx

  • Yes I don't know how long I had mine either but it didn't do any damage! And I got pregant very easy. With both my babies well I'm on my second pregnancy but it was easy no issues. So I think from what the doctor had said since it didn't do damage he wouldn't see why it would be hard to get pregant when I wanted too. But this one wasn't planed it happened. 9 years later I'm on my second! No it didn't take long just never tired since my son was born with half his heart I didn't see the point in bringing another baby in when I was living in a hospital with my son waitlong on a hearttransplant. After he got it he was still sick so I waited till things smoothed out and then I was diagnosed with chlamydia then of course I got it taken care of then a few months later I'm now pregnant! :) had no idea I was till I took a test and everything is going great! :) 

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