can someone help me

Im really confuse. . See other posts. . I just done another ov test and very strong
positive. . I been testing positive since last Tuesday.+. I done Preg test and
negative. is it possible that an ov test can pick up Preg and Preg test don't yet? Im
just confused why. . We been on smep. .surly i can't still be ov. . Lol
help lol x x


  • Oh sorry booey, don't really know the answer, but did not want to R&R! I'd say maybe just keep on BD!
    Good luck
  • hiya, what cd are u on? sometimes them ov sticks r super super snstive, so wil show a strong line, but still dont mean u actually are ov'ing until its darker then the control line? unless it is? if so that is confusing? xxxx
  • Hi booey, I haven't a clue when it comes to ov sticks so sorry can't help hun but just want to say i've still got my fingers crossed for you!
  • thanks all! image ....
    yes the line is dark this morning? thats what got me cramps down there too?....
    mooker how u getting on?? xx
  • Hi, well I'm on CD17 today and I haven't got a clue when I have ov or even if I've ov'd! We bd's CD10,12 & 14 and DH was working until really late the past few nights so we haven't bd'd at all! According to what I've read online I am still relatively fertile until Friday so we need to crack on as I don't think we have it covered!
    The problem is I didn;'t really take note of my cycle in May as we had the wedding to think about so I only have dates for June & CD1 was on 21st June so if AF does show up (OOOo I really hope she doesn't) but I suppose at least then I'll know exactly where I am with the dates.
    I was going to get some sticks but think I'll just confuse myself even more!
  • if in doubt... bd anyways lol xxxxx
  • I posted something on the pregnancy forum last week and one of the ladies on there told me that some ladies DO get a BFP on OV sticks which surprised me as I hadnt heard of that before.....but true so I have been told. Like mrs*me* always says 'if in anayway' lol xxxxx
  • hey hoping2beamummy,

    i wonder, what about HCG tests then? can an ov test be positive from preg and and preg test be neg??...yup am bd tonight haha xx
  • I have no idea hun its all so confusing this TTC lark lol.....definitely get your groove on tonight though I am thinkingimage xx
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