Argh!! Think ive just wasted it!! ...

Morning girls

So i am now 2-3 days late and got up this morning to test. I have just pee'd on CB but the bloody thing hasnt worked!! A very faint BFN on the window and the control window has no lines, which means it hasnt worked!
Leaflet says ive no pee'd on it enough!! grr! :x

So i am now downstairs gulping down a pint of juice trying to make myself need again LOL!! image

I have a Tesco test left and a cheapy testing strip i found for ??1.50 in a randon wee shop the other day hehe, so once i have the urge to pee again im gona do it again.

Cant believe ive wasted a good CB test, what a numpty i am :roll:

Keep u updated xxx


  • It doesnt matter that i wasted it, cos the other test was a BFN!
    I dunno whats going on!! grr x
  • Hiya!

    Just thought I would reply as I have browsed your threads over the last few days.... Bear in mind that your next wee obv isn't going to be FMU so may be diluted, you may not get an accurate result. I find peeing in a cup easiest as you cant go wrong then - you can always do both? Pee in a cup first then continue on the stick!! LOL

    Good luck, I will keep an eye out for the next installment!! hehe

  • Aw thanks MrsS

    Im not going to test again for a few days, cant cope with seeing bfn's all the time. Wish AF would just turn up if shes going to image x
  • Aw thanks MrsS

    Im not going to test again for a few days, cant cope with seeing bfn's all the time. Wish AF would just turn up if shes going to image x
  • I am right there with you hunni, these bfns are so frustrating !

    I'm sure my af will be here by the weekend though, just have this feeling ! Ive got an fr test still in my cupboard (been using the accessdiagnostics cheapies up till now) and am loathe to use it and waste it coz damn the branded hpts are expensive !!

    Just got too many symptoms of af, spotting still (been a week on and off now) but the blood switches from brown to red, cramps, and that general af feeling. Like you I just want her here now, limbo is not a nice place to be !!

    Dont forget as youve just come off the pill maybe your cycle is taking some time to get back to normal ?
  • Yes thats what im thiknking Lambchop- My period might be due later now. I have absolutely no symptoms of AF as of yet, no cramping etc, so god knows what is going on!
    Im going to asda later and ill pick up a couple more tests, but im not gona test until fri/sat unless AF comes eventually. Obv i dont want her to come, but at least i wont be in limbo anymore.
    How many days late are u hun? x
  • Well thats part of the problem, my cycle is never the same number of days from one day till the next, they vary from 28 at the shortest to 96 days at the longest and anywhere inbetween. I'm guessing based on my fertile days and an average lp it must be a 35-38 day cycle so i'm not late just yet, not really till this time next week. Its hard to believe its only been a week that ive been obsessing, feels like about 3 weeks already !!!!
  • Ooh can I join in.. I am CD33 today ad BFN this morning. I just don't understand - my cycles have been at the 30 at the longest, 21 at the shortest and generally 28 since Oct 09. Rar! I left for work this morning wanting to burst into tears. I just want to know either way. What are you ladies going to do about it?
  • Its soo annoying MrsEH eh? I just wanna know now!!

    Im not gona test again until the weekend, surely either af or bfp has arrived by then!!
  • hey ladies!!!
    good luck for the weekend mrsJ! i took a test yesterday, but I'd had light spotting on tues night and AF turned up yesterday!
    ive got my finers crossed for you girls!

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