Hi Ladies

Just wondering if anyone was due to start Ovulation this week???? My fertile dates are from Friday 13th to Wednesday 18th with predicted Ov date being the 16th August.

Anyone trying anything different this month? Just thought if anyone was due to OV this week into next we could offer support :\)

Lou xxxx


  • I think I must ov sometime soon. I am CD20 today and normally OV CD19-22. But then nothing is normal in the world of TTC. I haven't had a positive OPK yet and less CM than normal so who knows. Only thong different is that we are using preseed and I am trying desperately hard to relax. What are you trying?
  • Ooooo me too I am going to start on the pre-seed this month for the 1st time....I wasnt going to use OV sticks but then the ever so lovely Mrs*me* sent me 20 so I am going to start using them on Thursday to check. I am also trying to relax and not think about it so much and tbh so far so good.....we are away for part of the OV also so hoping that is going to do us some good xxxxx
  • me too!! I'm cd 14 and this month i'm throwing everything at it! Cbfm, preseed, grapefruit juice, giving up caffeine, temp charts! All for the first time this month! Would love to have buddies on same kind of time frame! Xxxxx
  • me too!! I'm cd 14 and this month i'm throwing everything at it! Cbfm, preseed, grapefruit juice, giving up caffeine, temp charts! All for the first time this month! Would love to have buddies on same kind of time frame! Xxxxx
  • Me too! I'm CD14, should have ov'd yesterday but -ve OPK yesterday and today? Better hurry up cos I only have a short cycle!
  • Gingerbean, I am jealous of your positive OPK! It is do good to know that you have OVd and where you are in the whole thing. Hoping2beamummy - where are you going? I'm sure I won't be v.relaxed in the 2ww!
  • my ov date is the 16th too! i am using opks, preseed, cbfm and also considering temping but maybe a step too far?! LOL!
    Also thinking about going for a night in a nice hotel as we have a voucher and thought it'd help with relaxing!
    OOH and I'm having acuuncture on friday just cos I fancy it!xx
  • Was thinking about acupuncture too, have you had it before? Still waiting for a peak on cbfm, temp seems to be dipping as well, really hope this is the month xxx
  • Ooooo grapefruit juice does that help cause I drink that already????

    MrsEH - I am off to Wales for 3 nights my mum has a hotel that over looks the beach and it is just so relaxing I love it, cant wait.

    Definitely excited about giving pre-seed ago xxxx
  • Yay ladies I got a BFP today on the OV test and I have got EWCM....woo woo.... xxxx
  • Grapefruit juice is supposed to help with CM, but I have to say, I haven't noticed any difference, I'm worried about late OV too, my cycle is 28 days and I'm on Day 15 and no positive opk and only highs on CBFM, worried I might have a luteal phase defect image
  • Ooooo boo huni are you testing twice a day with the opk? xxxx
  • I'm testing in the morning with the cbfm and afternoon with OPK. I still have to test this arvo on the OPK I just feeling really low, have no PMA at the moment. Desperate for a BFP.
  • Oh huni if I could send you some in the post I would send you a load of PMA....I am the same though me and OH went into Mothercare on Saturday and was looking at prams etc so desperate for our little one. It will happen though long have you been trying? xxxxxxxx
  • I am having acupuncture as I have pcos and it may help with stimulating ovulation and aslo to relax you. I will let you know how it goes, booked in for Friday! Really looking forward to it actually, the lady sounds lovely and has experience with fertility acupuncture so fingers crossed it helps xx
  • Thank you for your lovely reply hun, Only be trying three months, and I do have two sons from a previous marriage, but I have just got married again, to the most wonderful man and desperately want to have a baby with him. I had a borderline tumour on my ovary in my second pregnancy so had to have that ovary and tube removed, so things may not be straight forward but at the moment can't afford to have any investigation fertility wise done, wish I could relax about it, but am surrounded by pregnant friends at the moment.
  • Moomin22 - Oh huni I wish there was something I could say to make you feel better, it will happen bab I am sure of it just may take alittle more time. I am on month 2 and I am the same all my friends are having babies and you try not to get the green eyed monster but it is hard. Dont give up hope it will happen. Are you trying any pre-seed etc? xxxxx
  • Despite on a high on cbfm this morning, I have just peeed on an OPK (at work, shame!) and it's positive, so will just have to get down to it tonight. I am trying preseed this month, don't think I used enough because I was so worried about using too much, tonight am going to use more I think. Thank you for your lovely messages, it's really nice to have someone in the same time frame to chat with.
    xxxxxxxx(Chucks a bucket of babydust!)xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Yay BFP on OV stick same as me so definite OV buddies lol....get to BD'ing this evening iam thinking I am the same using the old pre-seed this evening. Your welcome bab we are all in the same boat on here....hey are you on FB I can add you on there? xxxxx
  • Haha, will be thinking of you!!!
    I'm not on fb anymore image you can always email me [email protected]
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