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Is it safe to fly in the first three months of Preg?? I know the last three months they say it;s not safe but I have also heard it;s not safe the first three months and I am flying to Barcelona on the 11th july this year?



  • not sure, some people say not, but then I know lots of people who have?!
  • Yeah this is what i wa worried about. It's my best friends hen weekend in Barcelona I think the flight is only like 2 hours long but I was not sure what to do for the best. She would kill me if I did not go but i do not want to lose a baby over it. I am not preg yet so might not have any need to worry but you just never know xxxxx
  • Lots of people fly without knowing they are pg and they turn out to be fine.
  • Very true I just looked up on the NHS web site and they said it should be fine really. There is nothing to say that flying that early causes MC's

    K xxx
  • I flew to turkey at 3 months gone and everything was fine! Experts do tell you to go in second trimester though (4-6months). Hope this helps xxx
  • I found out I was pg on holiday in Mexico and flew back on the long haul flight and everything was fine.
  • Hi, found this on a website, called flight

    Background cosmic radiation levels are also higher at altitude, which can be harmful to the foetus. Expectant mothers are, therefore, recommended to avoid flying during the first three months of pregnancy if possible.

    Also says most airlines actually allow you to fly up until 35 weeks.

    Found this as well....

    Studies that were concerned with in-flight radiation did show a slight increase in potential problems. However, these were more related to the length of time in the air, the route flown, and other flight phenomena and not particularly relevant to the average flier.

    Sorry, have probably confused you even more! image :roll:

    Think the outcome is, it's personal choice, but speak to GP and airline first! image

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