I tested today...

as AF is about 5 days late...BFN. I have been regular for the last 6 months coming off the pill and was convinced I was pg, never been late before.
But no...had a little cry and now feel really down...
Not sure which is worse, getting AF or BFN but this feeling is not nice!!!!
Just want AF to show now but honestly...ttc is much harder than I ever thought.



  • aww hugs huni, AF showed for me this week and it is rubbish image
  • Isn't it?? Rubbish with a capital R! I'm just glad I'm not alone in this...we have kept ttc quiet so I have no-one but DH to talk to and I don't really want to drag him down with me...
    Babydust for this cycle!
  • Keeping it quiet is probably a good idea, I wish I could, sadly we had a mc recently so our families, work etc... know we are ttc, definitely adds to the pressure!
    Sending you lots of babydust and hoping this might be our last AF's for a long time xxx
  • I'm so sorry to hear about your mc...must've been terrible for you.

    I vote NO for AF and YES for BFP...campaign starts here!!
  • I am joining your campaign
    *gets a huge banner*
    BFP, BFP, BFP....
  • lol! BFP all the way! xxx
  • Let's go national!!!
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