fao garfield

hey sweets.
how are you. hows everything going now?
hows little JD doing?
just seen your post in jan so thought id respond here! you are always more than welcome in jan. you will always be a due in janner!! lol!
if you ever want a chat i am always around as i have no life!! lol!
lo is being a complete pain in the butt with teenager attitude! ha ha!

hope your all ok hun


  • bumpity boo!!
  • Sorry bumping up again!
  • bumpity bumpity boo boo!!!
  • Haha, you do make me laugh!! Sorry I wasn't around at all yesterday - was my older sister's 30th birthday so my dad came down from Coventry and took us out for lunch, then was out all evening/night for her party. Drank WAY too much and ate WAY too much but had a really great time.... until my drunk friend started talking about my mmc.... yeah thanks for that! Quick change of subject was in order!

    I'm ok though, still have days when it all gets a bit much for me, but generally doing ok :\) just miss being with all you guys! Daniel is now teething again so he's being a pain in the butt as well! Thankfully I know it wont last and tespol usually helps!

    Unfortunately my entire side of the family hate that we are calling him Daniel and are refusing to call him it - despite that after only a couple of weeks of doing it he's responding to it much better than he ever did to JD, which helps when telling him off!! :lol: They're just being so unsupportive over it and my mam actually said last night that she 'wasn't going to pander to it' and 'has never called him and never will call him Daniel, its not his name'. Gee, thanks mam! But I let it slide - didnt want to start a drunk argument with them all!!

    How are you? How far along are you now? So excited for you! You still feeling a bit sick? Hope it goes away properly for you, sucks when you feel crappy and can do nothing about it.

    Cor, turned into quite a ramble! I have my email set up on this thing so if you ever want a chat (knowing you aren't on fb) feel free to mail me. xxxxxx
  • Hey
    The party sounds fun! Eating and drinking!! Well fun until silly people bring up the wrong subject! What a donut!!!
    What does your mum want his name to be? It's not really her choice though so just tell her to deal with it!!! Lol!
    I'm all cool nausea has finally left the building!!! Well except for the odd days!
    I am 18 wks now and have scan in just under 2 wks can't wait to find out what it is!

    Ah poor little Daniel and his teeth. Can't have many left to come through now?
    My little rascal has found this attitude from somewhere and thinks he can talk to you like a piece of poo! He's 5 going on 15!! Ha ha
    Only 3 weeks and yes back at school!!
    Hope your well though Hun and enjoying the bding!
    I can't even begin to imagine how hard it has been and will be for you. It'll take a while for it to fade as such! Even though it will always be in your thoughts.
    Miss you as a manner too. It's sooooo quiet in there at the mo!!!

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  • Yeah thats the good thing about the ttc forum - loads of us in here so always plenty of people to chat to! I'm just a nosy & talkative person so love long random threads!!

    Mam wants him to be called JD - I've told her thats just a nickname but my family are of the opinion that its his name because thats what we call him.... so what?! My MIL calls her (30 year old!!!) son Pee-Wee (poor guy), doesn't mean its his name!!! Sigh, families eh?

    He only has 4 teeth left to come through but they're molars so know they'll hurt like hell for him :\( he's a good lad though, and has finally realised that if he's cold he CAN get under the blankets without my help, hurray!! image more sleep for mammy! I was sooo cold last night after I got in I had 4 blankets!! Hubby was laughing at me, hehe.

    Can't believe you're 18 weeks already!! Hope you get a chance to find out; Daniel crossed his legs so we couldn't have even if we'd wanted to! Sneaky so-and-so! lol. What would you like? I'd love another little boy but everybody tells me a girl would make the family 'complete' seeing as we'll only have one more. Not that we have much choice anyway! But would love 2 boys.

  • Mums can be such a nightmare. She'll come round eventually il sure.
    Ah bless him at least all the pain will be over soon.
    4 blankets amazing! But yaay for more sleep. It's always a good thing.
    If I'm honest I don't really mind what baby is as long as it's healthy but hubs wants a girl as he also has a 16 year old son.
    It'd be my worst nightmare if I couldn't find out! Lol.
    I keep having dreams where I have baby at 19 wks! I'm 19 wks on weds so feeling a but tense! Lol! So daft!
  • You won't have baby at 19 weeks, I have decreed it!!! lol. Its silly when something like that gets stuck in your head though, no matter what anyone says you cant ever shift it... But soon you will be 20 weeks and then you'll know baby stayed put!
    Would you havea private scan if you couldnt find out at the 20 week one? No idea how much they cost mind!! xxx
  • It really is silly. They've been so real like though! I know I won't but it's still there! Lol!
    Hubs has said he would like to have a 4d done but they are ??95. To be honest they really freak me out so would rather not!
    I will try everything to make sure I can find out what baby is!!!! Lol

    You up to much today?
    I am doing washing, then have to pay poo bills then off to mw for downs test which is 2 wks late as she has been on hols.

  • I'm not up to much; have been shopping which wasn't fun as it was just food shopping! Might do some baking in a bit though :\)
    Also trying to get my head around the various credit card bills - everything got left whilst we were doing the patio and confused as to what card hubby has used for what payment! Oops, will sort it out just very tired today (odd dreams about digging a hole in the ground looking for dirty secrets about Gordon Brown!!!) so will try again tomorrow.

    I dont like the 4d ones either -know exactly what you mean about them being freaky! *shivers* no, not for me. although ??95 sounds very good for one of them! I think I'd ratehr just have a normal scan to find out rather than the 4d, but you'll have to convince your hubs! Hope the needle isnt too big for the Downs syndrome screening!! xxx
  • The Downs thing is a blood test isnt it? Sorry, just realised I might be sounding like an idiot here but never had one with Daniel as the hospital were so poo! x
  • Yeah it's just a normal blood test and I don't look at the needles!!! Lol!!

    Food shopping is never fun. I did mine yesterday.
    Men shouldn't be allowed to handle credit cards. My hubs can only just be trusted with his debit card! Ha ha!
    Hope it's not too much of a headache! Boo bills. What a random dream about Gordon brown!!
    I cheered myself up with a phone upgrade. It's amazing. Basically nokias version of the blackberry but better apparently. I love it already! He he
    Better go hang some washing I suppose!
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