Zestica advice please (May be TMI)!!

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to ask people's opinions who may have used zestica when BD'ing. I used it for the first time today. We BD'ed then I made sure to lay with my legs in the air for about 20 mins. When i got up i literally had loads dripping down my leg (sorry if TMI), I'm assuming this was excess zestica as it was much runnier than 'man juice' but i'm just hoping the spermies hadn't escaped as think I'm CD14 today so obviously hoping for the jackpot. What do you think?

Thanks a lot, sorry if too graphic


  • hey chick what kind did you get? is it a tube one?
  • Hi grudie,

    I got the applicator tube one so thinking there might have been quite a lot in there?!
  • We have been using it this month and it is quite runny, i tend to be laid down for atleast half hour and then when i get up i clentch ( SP?!) and go into the living room and sit on the sofa. After that not much tends to come out, but when it has i could pretty much tell it was pretty much excess zestica.
  • i think f its like the preseed ones you have to use less than what in there lol i found there was way too much,you also have to squat after lol to get rid of the excess :lol: nice i know lol too much can drown the spermies tho

    i have the sprey one which is great as long as its not night and the lights are out :lol: couple of accidents in our house lol
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