just being silly

I start ov tomorrow so i gess i start bd all weekend that sounds good lol is there any tips like putting legs in the air or is all that just silly. by the way how do u get the smilies to show on the screan i just get dots


  • I think it can't hurt silly or not! Did you click the smiles? they dont always come up for me and sometimes I get the wrong ones and it looks really inappropriate lol!
  • I remember when tcc my 2nd daughter I would lay down with my legs up against the wall for 20 mins after bd, must have looked hillarious, not sure if it helped, but wot the hell when ttc anything is worth a go xx

  • yes i have clicked them and they come up as dots but thank u and will be puting leg in the air tomorrow night lol x
  • good luck hun its worth a try!!! lol i did it a few times when ttc elisa too!!!
  • i used to have trouble with smileys until sb told me the secret ;\)
    Leave a space before putting them in image imageimage
    they still don't always work but usually do image
    p.s. careful you may get addicted to them image
    image image image image image :lol:
  • oh yeah, and leave a apace after too.
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