AF just arrived :-(

It was day 30 of a 25 day cycle so I'm just relieved one way - disappointed another obviously.

We weren't really ttc at all, but being late then made me wonder. But now after a 25 day cycle I've had 28 days last month, 29/30 this month - I have no idea when I'll OV in May. How do I find out other than spending a fortune on OV sticks? I think next month will just be a month off actually, due to moving countries etc. TTC will resume in June image


  • Mine to hun! I had a 30 day whatsit last month and 27 this, I thought I was pretty regular but obviously not. So we will just do lots of bding next month so we don't miss ov. I really want to get my BFP soon my sister is getting married abroad next year so if we don't might have to put it on hold because I won't be able to fly if it does happen. Its so hard being patient. I really felt like I had let H down image
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