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just wanted to say

i am now on day 16 of 3rd month of ttc and i have come to the conclucion that i am worrying too much about this ttc thing so decided too go out for a girlie night out and im going to get absolutley hammered#and im just going to try not too obsess about it anymore ( things may chng about that decision tho :lolimage but im feeling really positive about everything to day and im positive we will all get a bfp very soon so thought i would share this positiveness with you all so that it may rub off on to you all.

good luck everyone xxx


  • Have a great night sez31! amy x
  • Not sure its such a good idea to get hammered, especially around your most fertile time. A few drinks probably won't hurt too much though, but I agree with the not obsessing try and relax and stay positive it will happen when it will happen. x
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