Cycle buddies required! 1 dpo and counting..

Does anyone want to share the 2ww with me? I am 1 dpo today and hoping for a very quick 2ww with some happy news at the end of it! xx


  • hiya....

    im CD16 and 2-3days dpo i think......and thinkin im out this month lol
  • Hello, think i'm 1DPO today too. Had the tiniest amount of brown tinged CM today tho so not sure what that's about?! Really really hope we've done it this month. I BD'd tues night then got a strong positive on OPK on wed morning so BD'd wed night too. We didn't last night cos we were knackered. Do you think we've covered it ok? Should we do it again tonight?

    Looking forward to sharing the 2ww with you both
  • hi wispa and hols81!dont think weve spoken before - good to meet you!
    How long have you both been trying? weve been trying for a year relaxed way and properly since nov. Going for sperm analysis and gynae in august but hoping for my bfp before then!
    Im feeling positivie this month, not sure why though! just feels a bit different. I got my peak on wed and then ov'd yest according to temps. We bd'd last night and the day before in the am. Think we will bd tonight too as we normally stop once my temp goes up but someone on here recommended to keep going just in case! Maybe you should try that too wispa. sure youve got it covered though if you dont feel in mood!
    i think you can relelase a bit of blood when you ov so that may have been the brown cm.
    Hols, hope we can up your PMA! x
  • Hiya, Really nice to virtually meet you samsa. We've been ttc since may but this is only my second cycle as have had long cycles since coming off pill. (wish i'd come off it earlier but that's a whole another story!!) I bought a CBFM that i'm hoping to use next cycle if no luck so hopefully i won't be too upset with a BFN cos i'll be excited to get trying the new gadget, hehe.

    Good idea about BD'ing tonight as well. hopefully hubby wont be too knackered (he's working really late at the mo bless him).

    I'm off to google blood after ovulation, I'm obsessed!!
  • hey everyone,

    I'm 2 days passed ov...really hoping that we will get our bfp!!

    i'm sending u all lots of baby dust xxx
  • Hi Liannemg, babydust back to you too. Really hope this is our month x
  • Thanx wispa...r u 1dpo? my cbfm had its peak on wed, so i think on 2dpo? let me kno how ur getting on? if ur getting any symptoms? will you test early?xx
  • I had a positive OPK on wed morning so i'm guessing i would have ov'd on thursday and 1DPO today. What do you think, does that sound right?

    I'm hoping to last as long as poss without testing but guessing i'll prob cave at 10DPO. Although i have no tests in the house so hopefully that will help.

    When you planning on testing?
  • hi.....

    nice 2 meet u 2 hun.....i on mth 3 trying 2 concieve no3......i hve 2 kiddies already...x
  • Wispa, glad to see you got a positive OPK! Keep us posted on how you get on. Good luck in the 2ww ladies and hope you keep lots of PMA up! x
  • wispa you usually ov day after or 48 hours after your peak/pos opk so 1 dpo is prob about right! x
  • wispa, saw your other post - on fertility friend they have an intercourse timer and you get scores if you bd 2 day before ov, 1 day before ov, day of ov and day after so i guess these must be good days for bding.
    Lianne are you feeling any more positive? are you going for it tonight? xx
  • hey all,
    think im 3dpo, been getting pos opk's all week now but tues was my strongest.
    lets hope this next 2 weeks flys past ladies
  • Hi Samsa...we managed to Bd late morning, so i'm pleased we did this, do u think i should 2moro?

    Have i missed any days...i got my peak on Wed/Thurs, i bd sun, mon, wed, fri? ohhh im feeling sick hoping that this is my month. Trying so hard not to put so much pressure on my self...but my OH will be away for most of my fertile time next that will b another month with a bfn!!

    Kels124...we also seem to be at a similar u feeling?:\) xxx

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  • im feeling ok ta hun, few cramps but have had all week image
    fingers crossed for us all, some of us have to get BFP's this month! x
  • Can I gate crash? Af due next wednesday, first month trying. I can't help but feel excited yet I'm sure we're in for some heartache when wednesday arrives.
  • hey butterfly bump - welcome to the thread image
    its our first month ttc as well
  • Thank you Sweetie. I tried one of those First Response tests this am but got a BFN, i'm hoping it was just too soon. xx
  • looks like there are quite a few of us on the 2ww! at least we can go through it together.
    lianne, think they say every other day so think youre fine and sounds like you hit the right day. hubbie is really tired so will need to seduce him a bit later for our last go!
    Sounds like you are 1 dpo though cos like me you got your peak on wed, which may mean that you ov'd yesterday, which puts you at 1 dpo today. Does that make sense?
    good luck to those of you on your 1st 2ww - iytdoesnt get any easier! hope you dont go through many x
  • hey ladies can i join you?

    i will be starting my 2WW tomorrow image, well i got my first +OPK today so i am guessing it will prob be tomorrow x
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