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I am ttc baby2. Have endometriosis but didn't really have probs conceiving first child whi is now 2.5yrs. This is second month of trying and I'm worried I wont conceive again with this condition.

Anyone with similar probs and any success stories with endometriosis would be appreciated


  • I have the very same fears as yourself, my husband and I have only just started TTC and I was diagnosed as having endo 8months ago. I have recently been in hospital to have the endo removed and had heard that after the op you have a much higher chance of falling pregnant? Is this true????
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    What symptoms should you look out for?
  • Hiya

    Loads really,some women never have any symptons ever and never know they have it. I had paid during sex and it got to a point where it was unbearable. But some women have really painful periods, headaches during af's.
  • hi my sis has quite severe endometreosis and is now pregnant(by accident apparantly!)it can take longer to conceive than average but it is still early days for you guys so dont worry about it too much, expech if u been lucky before!gl x
  • Hello,
    we have been ttc now for 7mnts with our first. I have suffered terrible lower back pain with my period for a few years but dismissed it as nothing but now its got to the point where a week sometimes 2 weeks i have terrible back pain and my pelvis is very painful too by the time i have my period my pelvis is so pain it hurts to even move. i wonder if anyone had had this? i have been advised to go to the doctor as my periods are also very heavy .all these symptoms seem to have got worse after having a mc at the start of the u think this sounds like endometriosis? or do u think im worrying over nothing lol im going to try and get in the doctor tommorrow as i have a day off of work. thank you for reading my post and i wish u all the best of luck in TTC take care Dani xxx
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