OH has ordered sperm test........

we have been ttc since Jan and oh has been paranoid since day 1 that hes " a Jaffa" (seedless) - His words, not mine!!

i know these tests aren't 100% but do you think they are any good at giving you an indication??

i'm sure the problem is with me and i'm not ov'ing but he tried for a short period with his ex and they never had any luck, but there is also the chance that she never came off the pill - long story don't want to bore you!!

so its cd10 and he wants to not bd until the test arrives, can't beleive i'm hoping for another long cycle so that we don't miss ov if it happens!!!!!!

he's a bit embarresed about it so i'm not going to talk about it unless he brings it up! but part of me is worried in case it does show a problem, not sure how he will deal with it, hes so worried already!


  • I hope everything is okay image
  • Hi hun, you have been trying for about 6mnths so I wouldn't worry yet, it's still early days. If you went to the doctor he would only recommend you for fertility tests if you had been trying for a year or more so if it's a home test you are thinking about then I would say do it for your own piece of mind. If it does come back low then don't stress too much, there are things you can do to improve sperm count and a biggie is cutting caffeine out for your OH. My advise is to be really supportive to your OH because he will prob be feeling nervous about doing the test so it's important that you let him do it when he's ready and stay strong as a couple. Good luck xxx
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