its been a while but i'm back!!

hello, its been 6 weeks since i had a mc and ive only just felt i could come back on here and see what everyone is up too! the real reason is that i have a question and needed the advice of you experts!
like i said its been nearly 6 weeks since the mc and in that time i've been waiting for my af which the dr said could take 6 weeks to appear.
dh and i havent really been ttc as we wanted to wait until i had 2 normal periods.
anyway went to the loo yesterday and low and behold there was blood i was over the moon as was like yey things are back to normal and we can start ttc again in a few weeks.
well today there is no blood and even yesterday after the initial blood there wasnt any more.
is this normal for an af after a mc as i was told that my af would be heavy and painful after the mc???
the only reason i am asking is last time i found out i was pregnant i had the same thing happen, i thought i had my period but then the next day nothing, it wasnt until a week later when i was spotty and eating smoked mackeral that we had did a test and got the BFP.

looking back in my diary dh and i had sex 12 days ago and the only reason we did was because i'd been out with the gilrs and was drunk, since the mc my sex drive has been a bit slow.

am i reading too much into this and is this bleed a usual af after a mc. i havnt had any other af symptoms apart from really sore boobs and nipples last week.

i know i'm probably wishful thinking but its so similar to last time!!! HELP!!! xxxx


  • Hi rai and welcome back, i cannot really offer any advice as i've not been in your situation but i'm here to offer support so really hope its a BFP and you have a happy healthy 9 months if it is, otherwise good luck for the future and welcome back. Sxx
  • Hi rai, I just wanted to echo what slow said and am sorry I dont have an answer but am wishing you luck thats its a BFP. I think someone else on here fell pregnant straight after a mc so it is possible image x
  • Hi Rai just wanted to say Welcome back chick! ...erm...not really sure either sorry hun.x
  • hi hun sorry to hear about what you went through i also had rest from site after my 3rd miscarriage in jan its normal to have odd afs for first few months after a miscarriage. but fingers crossed you get bfp good luck x
  • hi honey

    sorry to hear about ur mc. when i had mine it took over 6 weeks for af to return and was very heavy, but since then they've been irregular and light it does differ from person to person. but if there is a possibility ur pg test and see!
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