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hi im doing the sliming world thing at the moe onley two pounds off a stone just wounderd if any on els was doing this im going for a curry saturday im on the extra easy plan and i just want to know what the best thing to eat thanks.x


  • sorry honey im not-but normally you need to go for a tomato based dish rather than a creamy one, spicey is good too if you can handle it!!

  • I'm not on it, but do Weight Watchers and currys are soooooooo bad points wise on WW - they cook with so much oil and creams etc.

    Something like a Rojan Josh is probably your best bet x
  • hi im on slimming worl and have just had a look through the takeaway sect and some points as follows:

    boiled rice free
    pilau 2.5
    chicken korma 16.5
    pasanda 20
    tandoori 9
    balti 11.5
    tikka masala 14.5
    vindaloo 8
    lamb rogan josh 6.5
    naan plain each 20
    poppadoms each 4

    the first lot are all chicken i just picked the most popular ones but if you want to know the points of anything else let me know and i will see if its in the book.
  • Hay,

    well done for the weight loss image

    I am dieting just me at home image and have lost 18lb now image feel's good image

    as for the curry i would bear in mind that curry sause is made it spices oil and tomatoes ( i love cooking )
    Dish Calories Fat Saturates Salt
    Plain poppadum (fried) 65 5g 1.1g 0.5g
    Spiced poppadum (grilled) 27 0.2g - 0.4g
    Yogurt raita 25 0.8g 0.4g -
    Lime Pickle 70 6g 0.5g 0.5g
    Mango Chutney 75 0.1g - 1.3g
    Meat Samosa (2 medium) 335 24g 6.7g 1.4g
    Onion bhaji (2 medium) 350 27g 3.2 2g
    Chicken Tikka 240 9g 3.3g 2.9g
    Chicken Korma 660 51g 22g 1.7g
    Chicken tikka masala 550 40g 14.5g 4g
    Lamb rogan josh 505 35g 10.2g 3.2g
    Vegetable biryani 740 42g 10g 3.9g
    Vegetable balti 290 28g 6.4g 3.2g
    Lamb balti 540 35g 9.2g 3.7g
    Prawn bhuna 420 31g 5.1g 2.8g
    Chicken biryani 985 44g 13g 4g
    Chicken dhansak 505 30g 6.3g 3g
    Chicken jalfrezi 415 27g 5.5g 3.5g
    Chicken dupiaza 400 25g 5.1g 2.7g
    Prawn Madras 400 29g 5.1g 2.6g
    Aloo saag 354 24g 4.2g 3g
    Bombay Potatoes 350 20g 2.1g 3.2g
    Chapatti - made with fat 197 7.7g 1.5g 0.2g
    Naan 540 20g 4g 1.5g
    Pilau Rice - per portion 290 5g 0.9g 1.35g
    Boiled rice - per portion 245 2.4g 0.5g

    I found a takeaway website and copied this for so ideas xxxx

    well done again and good luck xx
  • I was doing slimming world up until Christmas when I gave up, again!! I went for a curry one week and didn't worry about what I ate, I had a starter, main, rice and naan bread and it was the week I lost the most weight! If you're good for a few days and save up your sins I'm sure the curry will have no effect!! Enjoy xx
  • hi there

    yes i do slimming world but dont forget if you on the extra easy plan you take the lower syn value for your food, also the tomato based are the best to go for but you could always flexsi syn.....go and enjoy
  • thanks ladies .xxx
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