low sperm count advice needed!

We have just had some news. My H2B has a very low sperm count. This is probably the reason we cant conceive. He feels sooo down at the moment and he feels like a failure.
Has anyone been in a similar situation with their other halfs and what advice have you been given?
Sorry to be nosey but we really dont know where to go from here.
We have a doctors appointment at 4 today.


  • I know someone who had this and he took zinc for 3 months which seemed to help.
  • Oooo thats interesting. Im off to buy zinc lol.
    My H2B works with a lot of metal as he is a fork lift and lorry mechanic. I have heard that if men work with metal, it affects their sperm. I dont know if this is true!
  • I am not sure of that, but I hope the Zinc works for you!
  • Does he take a multi vit? Get him to do that if now.
    Also no alcohol, caffeine and keep his 'area' cool. So boxers instead of briefs, no hot baths.
    Brazil nuts have selenium in which is meant to be good - I get my man to eat 5 a day!
  • Oh No Babymonkey - I remember chatting to you about this before.

    Was this is first "SA" if so the should ask him to do another one in a month or so to check it wasn't just a one-off bad result - that's what we are having to do - need to book hubby back in for his second one.

    I too have gone out and bought Zinc, Selenium and some Vitamin B complex for hubby - fingers crossed that will help.

    It is so frustrating tho - I found out at the weekend that 4 - yep 4 of my closest friends are all PG - due from end of Nov, through Dec and last one beg. Jan - GUTTED - when is it our turn?!

  • Hi babymonkey, i agree with mrsjules, its always good to get another one done as this could've just been a bad lot.

    My oh did his sperm test and it came back as slightly low volume....so we decided not to bd as much - think we were doing it too much and he wasn't having enough time to
    produce more spermies- well the month we did that i got my bfp! So must've worked, unfortunately i had a mmc but this might be an idea with you too if your oh has low count.

    Also my oh takes 'wellman' which has zinc, folic acid etc in.

    Good luck! xx
  • hi babymonkey75 im gatecrashing here but just wanted you to have a glimmer of positive...my ex had a low count' near nothing and we concieved our son naturally... the consultant pointed out that it only takes 1 healthy sperm to make a baby!!! positive mental atitude cos we were pregnant that month after 3 years of trying!!
    fea x
  • Hi, my OH had this problem with his last partner. They had 3 rounds of IVF with no luck and was told that he'd never conceive naturally. We weren't really trying, and he went to an acupuncturist and had treatment for whiplash which is also meant to boost your fertility. Now im 5 months pregnant. Hope this helps.
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