wohoo!! :)

Hi Ladies

just thought id share with you.......

been ttc for 2 months but this i suppose is our first "real" month, so cut a long story short....

i came off the pill at the end of dec start of jan, 3 days later i'm not sure if it was a withdrawal bleed or my actual AF (maybe my body thought it was my 7 day break?) and ways been doing the CB OPK's and every time i tested i got the round circle with no image just a blank circle which as you all probably know means no LH surge, so i kept testing and still no "smiley face" so i thought rite ill test once more (on tuesday) anyway againg no "smiley face" so i thought to my self maybe i should leave it and just it will hapen when it happens?.......... but i noticed that my nipples were a bit sensitive when i moisturised and that i started to get very slight pains down in my lower part of tummy a bit like when AF comes, i thought it was weird as i was no where near due!! s thought that i was just use my last OV stick so i did and i left it on the side and forgot about it!! i then remembered about an hour later that i had done it and went back to check.....it was blank!! not even a empty circle!! i went to eject the stick a...." SMILEY FACE" appeared!! so i have my first smiley face which obviously means i am at my most fertile time! so we BD'ed and will continue to do so.....and im just keeping my fingers crossed tightly!! sorry its a bit long winded but i guess i really just wanted to share my situation with you's and if there are any of you ladies out there that feel disheartened or want to give up like i did!! ( with OPK's) dont!!! because you never know when your time will be!! sorry to ramble, just so happy!! image

baby dust to you all!!! love lucy xxximage


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