Dear Mr Storky......

Dear storky,

me and my husband have been trying for a baby for a year now, I know you have given us 3 bundles already but we lose them very early on, so are still waiting for our first bundle of joy! I don't mind a blue or pink bundle any will do.I babysit my friends babys and people tell me I will be a good mummy and I'm sure hubby will make the best daddy in the world if you just give us the chance. I'm going to be godparent to my cousin in laws twin boys in a few months an it would be wonderful to have our own good news on the day. Plus if you let's us get pregnant this cycle our edd will be Xmas day which will be extra magical! I've been feeling really down the last 6 months especially when friends conceived and have given birth in the time we have been trying. We are both eating healthy and trying not to drink too much. I know we are both young still but the wanting for a baby has consumed us and sometimes I feel if ibsont get my bfp I might just die of heartbreak! I see the upse in my hubbys eyes when anything baby related comes on tv or is in magazines and he ttys to be strong for me but I know it affects him too especially when I break down whn af comes along. Please mr stork give me the chance to be a mummy....

Love sam xxxx

ps, I don't think you do bribes but I'm willing to make any offersimage

*trying to give myself pma at 1dpo!*


  • awwwwwwwwww huni, just reading that im asking mr storky to give u a huge bfp xxxx
  • Dear Mr Storky,

    Me and My OH have been trying for our own "ickle chimp" for a few months now with no avail :'-(

    I build myself up each month only for the wicked AF witch to turn up and this leaves me feeling emaotional and worthless for days.

    I am slowly Month by Month losing my PMA as Family and Friends seem to be having babies all around us.

    I know my OH will be a good daddy ads he already is to his little princess from his previous marriage.

    We want to complete our own family with our own "ickle chimp" and a xmas arrival would be a fantastic way to end the year Mr Storky.

    I am also willing to bribe if it means that i get to be a proper mummy.

    Please, Please, Please work your magical for our own Christmas Miracle.

    Love Pink_Angel & Family xxxx
  • Thanks for your replies hopefully I will see you in due in December littlewolf!!!
  • You too pink, hopefully we will be in due in December soon xxx

    babydust xx
  • aww that's brought tears to my eyes! My EDD would be Xmas day too if we get lucky this month, it would be amazing wouldn't it!! So when the Mr Stork is finished at your house will you please please point him in the direction of mine!! x
  • Huni hope you get your bfp and I do then we can be bump buddies image when you gonna test? X
  • xmas day for me 2!! image good luck ladies lets hope april is our month image
  • ooo hope so!! I'm hoping to wait until the 16th to test but my patience probably won't last to that! x
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